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Re-Distributed Computing

This morning, Chaucer, our relatively new Sheltie puppy, took off with my slippers. I found one lying in his favorite spot almost immediately, but the other had gone missing. I wandered about the house with one slipper in hand while he hid in his... Read more
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Multi-core Redux: Virtually Indistinguishable

There is an excellent article over on SD Times about multi-core programming and virtualization that delves into the approaches that application developers can consider to take advantage of multiple core CPUs.  For those that missed it, I... Read more
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You want what? To run where? Without THAT?

The February issue of Dr. Dobb's has a lot of articles about cloud computing. That's not surprising, cloud computing is very much on the minds of many folks these days and it does affect developers as much as (if not more than) most IT... Read more
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A queue is a (a) line (b) a pony tail (c) a data structure

Neil McAllister @ InfoWorld has a great blog post on The Web development skills crisis. He postulates at that "The most agile developers, however, are those who approach programming with a firm grounding in computer science."Amen,... Read more
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HTML Skillz No Longer 1337

Tech Republic blogger Toni Bowers discusses five high-tech skills that are waning as far as ability to command high salaries according to a recent Network World article. At the top of the list? HTML. Denise Dubie writes in the Network World... Read more
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iRules: Event-Driven Intelligence

There's been a lot of talk about event-driven architectures lately, and mostly in the context of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture). Event-driven is an almost ancient (by technology standards, anyway) concept that involves executing some sort... Read more
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What is iControl? And more importantly, what can I do with it?

Over the past three weeks Don and I have had a lot of time to chat whilst making the trek back and forth between home and the hospital where the newest member of our family was keeping residence. Mostly we talked about our new son and speculating... Read more
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