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VMworld 2014 – The F5 Reference Architecture for VMware NSX (feat Pearce)

Nathan Pearce, F5 Sr Technical Marketing Manager, shares a ton a great insight about NSX: what it is, what it does, why organizations deploy it along with how BIG-IP integrates with NSX. This integration solves two challenges – time to value and... Read more
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The Colonial Data Center and Virtualization

No, not colonial as in Battlestar Gallactica or the British Empire, colonial as in corals and weeds and virtual machines I was out pulling weeds this summer – Canada thistle to be exact – and was struck by how much its root system reminded me of... Read more
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The Infrastructure Turk: Lessons in Services

#devops #cloud If your goal is IT as a Service, then at some point you have to actually service-enable the policies that govern IT infrastructure. My eldest shared the story of “The Turk” recently and it was a fine example of how appearances can... Read more
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F5 Friday: The Evolution of Reference Architectures to Repeatable Architectures

A reference architecture is a solution with the “some assembly required” instructions missing.     As a developer and later an enterprise architect, I evaluated and leveraged untold number of “reference architectures.”... Read more
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Don’t Conflate Virtual with Dynamic

Focusing on form factor over function is as shallow and misguided as focusing on beauty over brains. The saying goes that if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. I suppose then that it only makes sense that if the only tool you... Read more
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Achieving Scalability Through Fewer Resources

Sometimes it’s not about how many resources you have but how you use them The premise upon which scalability through cloud computing and highly virtualized architectures is built is the rapid provisioning of additional resources as a means to... Read more
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The Impossibility of CAP and Cloud

It comes down to this: the on-demand provisioning and elastic scalability systems that make up “cloud” are addressing NP-Complete problems for which there is no known exact solutions.  At the heart of what cloud computing provides – in... Read more
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Agile Operations: A Formula for Just-In-Time Provisioning

One of the ways in which traditional architectures and deployment models is actually superior (yes, I said superior) to cloud computing is in provisioning.  Before you label me a cloud heretic, let me explain. In traditional... Read more
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Cloud Needs Context-Aware Provisioning

Devops needs to be able to SELECT COMPUTE_RESOURCES from CLOUD where LOCATION in (APPLICATION SPECIFIC RESTRICTIONS) The awareness of the importance of context in application delivery and especially in the “new network” is increasing, and... Read more
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When (Micro)Seconds Matter

In cloud computing environments the clock literally starts ticking the moment an application instance is launched. How long should that take? The term “on-demand” implies right now. In the past, we used the term “real-time” even though what we... Read more
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To Take Advantage of Cloud Computing You Must Unlearn, Luke.

Carrying over the provisioning and capacity planning techniques used in a traditional data center to cloud computing negates the full power of the Force cloud computing. One of the benefits of cloud computing is supposed to be efficien... Read more
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And the Killer App for Private Cloud Computing Is…

Automating components is easy. It’s automating processes that’s hard. The premise that if you don’t have an infrastructure comprised solely of Infrastructure 2.0 components then you cannot realize an automated, on-demand data center is, in fact,... Read more
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Dynamic Data Center Agility: F5 and MS System Center Operations Manager 2007

F5 announced today the release of the new F5 Management Pack for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007 (sorry, wish I had an acronym or shorter name but a product this cool needs a big name like that :). In a nutshell, this new... Read more
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No soup for you!

Automation isn’t some special brand of soup and there’s no “automation nazi” who can deny access to its benefits. The recent McKinsey report on cloud computing has pundits everywhere choking on their donuts and scrambling to dispute the report’s... Read more
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OVF: A few layers short of a full stack

OVF (Open Virtualization Format) apparently just isn’t getting enough mindshare out there in the discussions of cloud computing that focus on portability and interoperability. The goal of OVF is to provide a portable, interoperable non-vendor... Read more
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Provisioning For Election Application Traffic: Physical or Virtual, Old or New?

Yesterday I blogged about how the lack of planning and scalable provisioning of any kind can cause major problems when traffic spikes hit. Today let’s look at how companies who are planning for spikes are preparing, even if it’s not completely... Read more
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