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Securing your applications with F5 Virtual Editions in Microsoft Azure

In Nov 2015, F5 announced the availability of F5 BIG-IP virtual editions in Microsoft Azure Cloud. What this meant to our enterprise customers is the ability to create advanced networking and security policies in azure. More importantly, our... Read more
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Public, Private and Enterprise Cloud: Economy of Scale versus Efficiency of Scale

What distinguishes these three models of cloud computing are the business and operational goals for which they were implemented and the benefits derived. A brief Twitter conversation recently asked the question how one would distinguish between... Read more
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Focus of Cloud Implementation Depends on the Implementer

Public cloud computing is about capacity and scale on-demand, private cloud computing however, is not. Legos. Nearly every child has them, and nearly every parent knows that giving a child a Lego “set” is going to end the same way: the... Read more
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The Inevitable Eventual Consistency of Cloud Computing

An IDC survey highlights the reasons why private clouds will mature before public, leading to the eventual consistency of public and private cloud computing frameworks Network Computing recently reported on a very interesting research survey... Read more
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The Thing Private Clouds Can Do that Public Clouds Can’t

When an admin brags they can do some task with their eyes closed there may be hidden process inefficiencies that orchestration can uncover. But the orchestration in a public cloud is effectively done for you, with little opportunity to design... Read more
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Cloud Computing versus Cloud Data Centers

Isolation of resources in “the cloud” is moving providers toward hosted data centers and away from shared resource computing. Do we need to go back to the future and re-examine mainframe computing as a better model for isolated applications... Read more
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We Don’t Know What Cloud Is But What We’re Doing It

Survey says IT still doesn’t agree on the definition of cloud – private or public – but everybody is doing it Every organization with a stake in cloud computing’s predicted billions of dollar market is interested in understanding what it is IT... Read more
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