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2048-bit Infrastructure Impact Reporting Tool

A few weeks ago Lori nailed it with a post (The 2048-bit Keys to the Kingdom) on the coming forced migration to 2048-bit keys.  A few days prior, I got a call from “THE” Matt Cauthorn, DevCentral resident stud contributor L4L7 about the very... Read more
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DevCentral Top5 11/06/2009

While ramping up for "The Next Big Thing" continues amongst the DC staff, there is much to talk about in regards to content that's happening in the here and now, not just in the eagerly awaited future (with jet-packs and stuff…).... Read more
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pyControl Just as Happy on Linux

There have been several questions over the past month in the iControl forum as to whether or not pyControl works on linux.  In the pyControl labs information, there are instructions for install on Microsoft Windows based systems, but not for... Read more
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DevCentral Top5 08/07/2009

As the extended DevCentral crew continues to crank through the summer months, churning out more and more awesome content, there is lots to see. Whether you're looking for short, easily consumable pieces of media to get you pointed in the right... Read more
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pyControl: iControl Made Easy - Really!

Programmer or not (and especially if you're not), if you are responsible for any aspect of monitoring or managing F5 gear, you need pyControl! As I mentioned yesterday, we are spending this morning talking about iControl.  (You may have... Read more
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Making difficult things possible

Wow, another intensely productive day in a room at HQ headquarters with some of the best & brightest iRules/iControl F5 minds from Field Services, Consulting, Product Development, Business Development, IT and Product Management.  Coli... Read more
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Python + iControl = pyControl

Today I'm proud to announce the arrival of our newest DevCentral Labs project: pyControl! For those who don't know, the Python here is not referring to the snake, nor is it referencing the "Meaning of Life guys".  In this... Read more
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