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Q/A with Rackspace Network Architect Vijay Emarose - DevCentral's Featured Member for November

Koman Vijay Emarose works as a Network Architect with the Strategic Accounts team at Rackspace. He has been a “Racker” (Rackspace Employee) for 7 years and currently he is adapting to a networking world that is pivoting towards a world of... Read more
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When The Walls Come Tumbling Down.

When horrid disasters strike and both people and corporations are put on notice that they suddenly have a lot more important things to do, will you be ready? It is a testament to man’s optimism that with very few exceptions we really don’t, not at... Read more
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Your Call is Important to Us at CloudCo: Please Press 1 for Product, 2 for OS, 3 for Hypervisor, or 4 for Management Troubles

When there’s a problem with a virtual network appliance installed in “the cloud”, who do you call first? An interesting thing happened on the way to troubleshoot a problem with a cloud-deployed application – no one wanted to take up the mantle... Read more
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Reliability? We've got your reliability right here...

When talking about IT performance and rating "must haves", data center reliability is often right near the top of the list, and for good reason. Performance and scalability, features and  functionality don't matter much unless... Read more
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Standardized Cloud APIs? Yes.

Mike Fratto over at Network Computinghas a blog that declares the need for standards in Cloud Management APIs is non-existent or at least premature. Now Mike is a smart guy and has enough experience to have a clue what he’s writing about, unlik... Read more
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F5 Friday: Rackspace CloudConnect - Hybrid Architecture in Action

Rackspace steps up to the plate with a new hybrid architectural solution. Earlier this year we talked about the “other” hybrid architecture; the one that lives out there, in the cloud, but that combines two different deployment models:... Read more
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The Storage Future is Cloudy, and it is about time.

One of the things I have talked about quite a bit in the last couple of months is the disjoint between the needs of enterprise IT and the offerings of a wide swath of the cloud marketplace. Some times it seems like many cloud vendors are telling... Read more
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Cloud Today is Just Capacity On-Demand

We won’t have true cloud computing until we have a services-based infrastructure and standardization of cloud management frameworks. We may call it “cloud” today, but what we really have with the offerings today is “capacity on demand.” We... Read more
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