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It’s about customers and CIOs, not vendors and campaigns.

Lately there has been a whole lot of breast-beating and article writing attributing this trend to that vendor and this other trend to this other vendor. You may have noticed that we at F5 benefit from some of this noise. It is pretty well accepted... Read more
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Out on that open road again

As I try to wrap things up and wind down a bit for the Thanksgiving holiday here in the states I'm busy working on coordinating Turkey Day, wrapping things up here for the holiday weekend, and my travel that follows. I'll be in Japan... Read more
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No 20LoL? What gives?

As some of the more astute, frequent DevCentral fliers may have noticed, there was no 20 Lines or Less this week.  Fear not, brave souls. I was out on some planned vacation to bring some high-powered Rock N' Roll to the masses. I'm... Read more
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Secure, Easy to Use, Simple. Choose two.

I was reading an interesting post over at depressedprogrammer that I found by way of digg's Technology section which talked about Captchas. Specifically the worst Captcha known to man.I haven't a shred of doubt that you all, by now, are... Read more
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In which we fight to the death - dogfight, that is...

Geeks are prone to many things. Some would say hubris, sarcasm and a love for computers defines us. Wikipedia seems to think it's glasses, comic books and computer games (scary accurate, in my case, minus the glasses).  One thing that... Read more
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