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QoS without Context: Good for the Network, Not So Good for the End user

#fasterapp #webperf #ado One of the most often mentioned uses of #OpenFlow revolves around QoS . Which is good for network performance metrics, but not necessarily good for application performance. In addition to issues related to virtual... Read more
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DevCentral Top5 1/21/2011

Settling into the new year there is goodness a plenty on DevCentral this week. Between group revamps, site improvements and maintenance, including trimming the page size down to a more svelte, downloadable size, and the general content screaming... Read more
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Rate Shaping: An Old Trick You Might Need. Soon.

It should be no surprise to anyone that the number of mobile devices is increasing at an astounding rate.  In fact, according to Ericsson, mobile broadband subscriptions will double in 2011. Let’s all just take a moment to ponder what tha... Read more
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How May I Speed and Secure Replication? Let Me Count the Ways.

Related Articles and Blogs: SMB Storage Replication: Acceleration VS. More Bandwidth Three Top Tips for Successful Business Continuity Planning Data Replication for Backup Best Practices ... Read more
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Alice in Wondercloud: The Bidirectional Rabbit Hole

Emerging architectures are conflating responsibilities up and down the application stack. Who is responsible for integration when services reside in the network? While preparing for an upcoming panel I’m moderating at Cloud Connect (in the “New... Read more
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Dear Data Center Guy

You walked past me again today without stopping. I remember when you used to stop and admire my glowing red ball every day. But that was back when I was brand new and you thought I was the center of your data center. I heard you talking to some... Read more
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I do not think that word means what you think it means

Greg Ferro over at My Etherealmind has a, for lack of a better word, interesting entry in his Network Dictionary on the term "Application Delivery Controller." He says:Application Delivery Controller (ADC) - Historically known as a “load... Read more
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