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To Take Advantage of Cloud Computing You Must Unlearn, Luke.

Carrying over the provisioning and capacity planning techniques used in a traditional data center to cloud computing negates the full power of the Force cloud computing. One of the benefits of cloud computing is supposed to be efficien... Read more
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Disk May Be Cheap but Storage is Not

Remember at trade shows oh, a few years back now, the “hot” vendor swag was 256MB USB keys. I’m sure many of you spent time trying to collect them as fervently as kids collect Pokeman cards (or whatever the CCG du jour may be). Just a few years... Read more
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The Soft Risks of Social Networking

Just about every large organization, a whole lot of startups, are trying to leverage the potential of social media in their marketing efforts. We all read great articles containing tips and tricks regarding how to use social media for business... Read more
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ROI Justification(s) for Application Delivery Controllers

Sometimes IT folks are tasked with coming up with the justification for purchasing technology. It's not an enjoyable task, and considering the incredible difficulty in trying to pin dollar values on soft factors like increased pro... Read more
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Recession Proofing Your Application Infrastructure

Cisco CEO John Chambers recently announced that the slowdown in corporate IT spending will continue until 2009. NEW YORK (Fortune) -- Cisco chief John Chambers has some bad news for the technology sector: He no longer expects the recent... Read more
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