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Old and busted: RSS feeds. New hotness: Followers.

According to Steve Rubel at Micro Persuasion, I must be way more geeky than your average consumer. (Thanks, Steve!) That's because I'm using RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and Google to peruse myriad feeds in my daily quest to "read... Read more
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Back at it

After a couple of long weeks out for recovery (yay hernia repair!), it feels good to be back at it again here in DCLand. It's crazy, though, how things stack up.  I was just chatting with the guys on the podcast yesterday about how much... Read more
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The network is Twittering

One of the major social aspects of Mix this year was interacting with everyone via Twitter.  For those who haven't heard about it (where have you been), here's an excerpt from it's Wikipedia page: Twitter is a socia... Read more
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