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Consolidating L4-L7 functionality on the Gi LAN

In a recent article we discussed the value of having an intelligent traffic steering platform on the Gi LAN to optimize the utilization of VAS platforms such as video optimizers, transparent caching platforms, parental control systems, etc. In... Read more
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Simplifying your S/Gi Network with a consolidated architecture

Guest blog post by Misbah Mahmoodi, Product Marketing Manager, Service ProvidersService providers are constantly challenged with ensuring their networks are running at optimal performance, especially as they cope with the increasing usage of... Read more
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Optimizing mobile VAS service platforms with intelligent traffic steering

One of the challenges introduced by the rollout of LTE is the enormous increase in data traffic that gets transported across the mobile core network. Studies have shown that LTE users, in addition to enjoying higher bandwidths, also consume... Read more
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