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Would You Put Corporate Applications in the Cloud?

There once was a time when organizations wouldn’t consider deploying critical applications in the cloud. It was too much of a business risk from both an access and an attack perspective—and for good reason, since 28 percent of enterprises have... Read more
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Ask the Expert – Why Identity and Access Management?

Michael Koyfman, Sr. Global Security Solution Architect, shares the access challenges organizations face when deploying SaaS cloud applications. Syncing data stores to the cloud can be risky so organizations need to utilize their local directorie... Read more
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Collaborate in the Cloud

Employee collaboration and access to communication tools are essential for workplace productivity. Organizations are increasing their use of Microsoft Office 365, a subscription-based service that provides hosted versions of familiar Microsoft... Read more
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Oracle OpenWorld 2014: Identity & Access Management in the Cloud (feat Deang)

Rubyanne Deang, F5 Global Field Systems Engineer, shares some insight on many identity and access challenges organizations face when deploying applications in the cloud. Multiple directories, orphaned accounts and business risk all make the list.... Read more
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Looking to 2014

2013 has been a year of major developments in the enterprise, so I thought it’d be worth putting together a few predictions for 2014. With cloud computing and BYOD both taking off in businesses after years of hype, over the next 12 months I think... Read more
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F5 and Versafe: Because Mobility Matters

#F5 #security #cloud #mobile #context  Context means more visibility into devices, networks, and applications even when they're unmanaged. Mobility is a significant driver of technology today. Whether it's mobility of applications... Read more
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The Future of Hybrid Cloud

You keep using that word. I do no think it means what you think it means... An interesting and almost ancillary point was made during a recent #cloudtalk hosted by VMware vCloud with respect to the definition of "hybrid" cloud. Sure, i... Read more
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Inside Look - F5 Mobile App Manager

I meet with WW Security Architect Corey Marshall to get an Inside Look and detailed demo of F5's Mobile App Manager. BYOD 2.0: Moving Beyond MDM.   ps Related: F5's Feeling Alive with Newly Unveiled Mobile App Manager BYOD 2.0 –... Read more
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In the Cloud Differentiation Means Services

And integration.. Don't forget the integration. Scott Bils has a post on the "Five Mistakes that Enterprise Cloud Service Providers are Making" over on Leverhawk. Points four and five were particularly interesting because it seems... Read more
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SaaS Creating Eventually Consistent Business Model

Our reliance on #cloud and external systems has finally trickled down (or is it up?) to the business. The success of SOA, which grew out of the popular Object Oriented development paradigm, was greatly hampered by the inability of architects t... Read more
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Does Cloud Solve or Increase the 'Four Pillars' Problem?

It has long been said – often by this author – that there are four pillars to application performance: Memory CPU Network Storage As soon as you resolve one in response to application response times, another becomes the bottleneck, even if you... Read more
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TraceSecurity: DevOps Meets Compliance

#infosec #devops #bigdata #cloud IT security initiatives can benefit from a devops approach enabled with a flexible framework What do you get when you mix some devops with compliance and its resulting big data? Okay, aside from a migraine... Read more
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Identity Gone Wild! Cloud Edition

#IAM #cloud #infosec Identity lifecycle management is out of control in the cloud Remember the Liberty Alliance? Microsoft Passport? How about the spate of employee provisioning vendors snatched up by big names like Oracle, IBM, and CA? That... Read more
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Committing to Overhead: Proceed With Caution.

Back when SaaS was making its debut in the enterprise, I was a mid-level IT manager with a boss that was smart. It was a great experience working for him overall, and if not for external pressures, I might still be working on his team. One of the... Read more
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It Is Not What The Market Is Doing, But What You Are.

We spend an obsessive amount of time looking at the market and trying to lean toward accepted technologies. Seriously, when I was in IT management, there were an inordinate number of discussions about the state of market X or Y. While these... Read more
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Cloud Computing Goes Back to College

The University of Washington adds a cloud computing certificate program to its curriculum It’s not unusual to find cloud computing in a college environment. My oldest son was writing papers on cloud computing years ago in college, before... Read more
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Why Change is a Fact of Life in IT, And How to Mitigate the Attendant Risks.

Think about this for just a moment. When the automobile was invented, the idea was known. The idea was to free horses from transport duty, have less… Mess in the streets that horses generate, and move stuff. Over time, “stuff” becam... Read more
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Cloud-Tiered Architectural Models are Bad Except When They Aren’t

Database as a service is part of an emerging model that should be evaluated as an architecture, not based on where it might be deployed These days everything is being delivered “as a Service”. Compute, storage, platforms, IT, databases. The... Read more
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Cloud Usage: What If We’re Doing It Wrong?

Lori and I were talking shop over the weekend, and one of the things a co-worker had said on an email thread triggered an entire series of observations from me. Not being one to keep my mouth shut, I thought I’d share them with you and lead you to... Read more
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Get Your Money for Nothing and Your Bots for Free

Cloning. Boomeranging. Trojan clouds. Start up CloudPassage takes aim at emerging attack surfaces but it’s still more about process than it is product.Before we go one paragraph further let’s start out by setting something straight: this is not a... Read more
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Logic Clearly Dictates That Different Things are Different

There are many logical fallacies, some more recognizable than others. Today’s lesson is brought to you by the logical fallacy “equivocation” and the term “multi-tenant”. Definition: Equivocation is sliding between two or more different meanings... Read more
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Commoditized Software Requires Protection

“Don’t worry about doing the business taxes, my cousin Vinnie is taking care of it.” Is not the type of statement that inspires confidence. But you’re doing it every day. Or at least some of you are. Picture this: A small vertical market, mos... Read more
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Controlling Cloud and iPad. Be the Usher, Not the Bouncer

The purpose of an usher, be it at an old time movie theater or a wedding, is to take people to suitable seats and see that they’re comfortable. The purpose of a bouncer is to throw out bums and keep the peace. These two words conjure pictures in... Read more
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Multi-Tenancy Requires More Than Just Isolating Customers

Multi-tenancy encompasses the management of heterogeneous business, technical, delivery, and security models. Last week, during what was certainly an invigorating if not agonizingly redundant debate regarding the value of public versus private... Read more
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Does This Application Make My Browser Look Fat?

Web applications that count on the advantage of not having a bloated desktop footprint need to keep one eye on the scale… A recent article on CloudAve that brought back the “browser versus native app” debate caught my eye last week. After... Read more
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