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Post of the Week: SAML IdP and SP on One BIG-IP

In this Lightboard Post of the Week, I answer a question about being able to do SAML IdP and SP on a single BIG-IP VE. Thanks to DevCentral Members hpr and Daniel Varela for the question and answer. 25 DC points for ya! Posted Question on... Read more
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Single Sign-On (SSO) to Legacy Web Apps Using BIG-IP & VMware Workspace ONE

A few months back VMware announced a joint collaborative effort on delivering even more applications to their Workspace One suite utilizing F5 BIG-IP APM to act as an authentication translator from SAML to legacy Kerberos and header-based web... Read more
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Citrix Federated Authentication Service Integration with APM

This guide will cover how to use APM as the access gateway in front of Storefront when using Citrix FAS. This will enable you to leverage authentication methods like SAML, Kerberos, or NTLM on the client side. Read more
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APM Cookbook: Dynamic APM Variables

In this article we’ll discuss how to set a variable dynamically. The most common use case is setting something like a role attribute to use in SAML... Read more
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APM Cookbook: AutoLaunch SAML Resources

Introduction After the SAML labs at Agility I got a lot of questions about how to automatically launch SAML resources and skip the webtop, and I promised I'd write it up for you. If you haven't been to Agility, check it out next year,... Read more
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The Burden of Federated Authentication

A post discussing the burdens of federated authentication - specifically authentication vs authorization. Read more
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Lightboard Lessons: SAML

The Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) allows you to simplify access control and management of your applications. Once upon a time, you would need a separate username/password database for each application you hosted. Now, with the use of SAML, you can consolidate everything into one place and reduce the management and security headache of it all... Read more
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Ask the Expert – Why Identity and Access Management?

Michael Koyfman, Sr. Global Security Solution Architect, shares the access challenges organizations face when deploying SaaS cloud applications. Syncing data stores to the cloud can be risky so organizations need to utilize their local directorie... Read more
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Collaborate in the Cloud

Employee collaboration and access to communication tools are essential for workplace productivity. Organizations are increasing their use of Microsoft Office 365, a subscription-based service that provides hosted versions of familiar Microsoft... Read more
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APM Cookbook: SAML IdP Chaining

As an APM subject mater expert at F5 I often find myself in situations where a customer or colleague needs an example of a particular configuration.  While most of these requests are easily handled with a call or WebEx I'm a firm believer... Read more
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Did you know that you can leverage F5 BIG-IP as SAML 2.0 Identity Provider for Office 365?

On March 6th, 2014, Microsoft has officially announced support for SAML 2.0 federation, in addition to their existing WS-Fededation and WS-Trust support.  This is really exciting news for both Microsoft’s and F5’s new and existing customers. ... Read more
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RSA 2014: Layering Federated Identity with SWG (feat Koyfman)

While protecting employees from rogue sites and productivity hogs is critical, the employee’s ability to access SaaS applications is also critical for productivity. Sr. Global Security Solutions Architect Michael Koyfman shows how to layer SAML... Read more
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