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F5 Friday: It's an iApps-travaganza!

New iApps are available for your provisioning pleasure. Programmability is hot, and one of the most efficient forms of programmability are templates. Deployment templates  improve time to market, reduce risk by eliminating the introduction... Read more
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F5 Friday: Applications aren't protocols. They're Opportunities.

Applications are as integral to F5 technologies as they are to your business. An old adage holds that an individual can be judged by the company he keeps. If that holds true for organizations, then F5 would do well to be judged by the vast array... Read more
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F5 predicts: Changing demographics influence purchasing behaviours

As early as 2013, Gartner talked of the revolution sweeping the world of mobile payments. Global mobile payment transactions rang in US$235.4 billion in 2013, up 44% from US$163.1 billion in 2012  Mobile payment users in 2013 reached... Read more
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Reflections on the ASUG: SAP Gets Mobile

I spent yesterday in the Philadelphia area at the SAP users group (ASUG) chapter event. The purpose of these events is to provide an intimate gathering for SAP partners and customers to share new ideas and promote new SAP solutions. F5 was... Read more
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Deploying SAP Business Objects with F5 LTM + WA Part II

In a previous post I reviewed the configuration of monitors, profiles and added nodes as part of the LTM WA configuration with Business Objects.  Part I of this deployment can be found here: ... Read more
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Deploying F5 BIG-IP LTM with SAP Business Objects Part I

In this multi-part post I am going to review a recent deployment of F5 LTM WA in support of SAP Business Objects business intelligence platform.  We deployed this landscape at the SAP Co-Innovation lab in Palo Alto California.  There... Read more
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F5 Friday: Enhancing FlexPod with F5

#VDI #cloud #virtualization Black-box style infrastructure is good, but often fails to include application delivery components. F5 resolves that issue for NetApp FlexPod The best thing about the application delivery tier (load balancing,... Read more
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Distributing SAP Load using BIG-IP Advanced Monitoring

Several recent forum posts on DevCentral forums have commented on the fact that SAP Landscapes often have asynchronous batch jobs that cause higher CPU loads on certain servers. This causes problems for application delivery controllers because... Read more
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DevCentral Top5 04/24/2009

Whether you're looking for the best bits of v10 coverage or how you can make SAP and your F5 devices work together, this week's Top5 has what you need. The v10 content just keeps on coming, with some great additions this week. It's... Read more
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F5 and SAP Integration - Auto configuration and monitoring under BIG-IP V10

Are there ways that F5 Networks and SAP can make your SAP operations simpler, more elegant and more automated, with appropriate controls in place to detect abnormalities? With V10, F5 Networks is delivering three things: first, templ... Read more
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Comparing BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager and SAP Web Dispatcher

Analyze acquisition costs, maintenance costs, stability, performance, range of functions, high availability, security, configuration complexity, integration into your existing landscape and content caching when deciding between software ... Read more
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New SAP Solution Forum Unlocks F5 Integration Help

If you're running SAP software in your company, there's a good chance you've made a significant investment in making employees more productive. However, I've seen too many companies spend a ton of money on software and then forget... Read more
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User Roles and Partitions, a tool for administration agility - A view from SAP TechED 2008

A funny thing happened at the F5 booth during SAP's TechED 2008 last week (6,000 SAP Developers in Las Vegas, Nevada for the entire week of September 8th, 2008), several groups separately asked me how they should handle the politics ... Read more
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If Kernighan were a network architect he would say...

My brother sent over a question to Don and I on a coding problem he's having. Yes, most of my family members are geeks, thank you. You can probably blame that on my COBOL-coding mother. In any case, his signature always contains this lovely... Read more
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Packets, shmackets. What about the apps?

As I was reading the Internet this morning I happened across an article with "Tips for Optimizing Your WAN (Wide Area Network)" and I thought, "Huh. That's pretty ... generic."   While the article uses SAP... Read more
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