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Beyond Scalability: Achieving Availability

Scalability is only one of the factors that determine availability. Security and performance play a critical role in achieving the application availability demanded by business and customers alike. Whether the goal is to achieve higher levels or... Read more
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F5 Synthesis: All Active ADC Clustering

#SDAS #Cloud ADC clustering isn't enough because you deliver app services, not ADC instances The classic high availability (HA) deployment pattern is hard to break. It's been the keystone upon which data centers have been built since the... Read more
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F5 Synthesis: Hybrid to the Core

#SDAS #SDN #Cloud #SSL #HTTP2.0 F5 continues to pave the way for business to adopt disruptive technologies without, well, as much disruption. The term hybrid is somewhat misleading. In the original sense of the word, it means to bring together... Read more
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Accelerating the Transition to Cloud

The benefits of moving to a cloud architecture, whether on premise private cloud or public cloud, include the agility to respond to change, scalability, and ultimately improved efficiency that translates to cost savings.  Cloud (or... Read more
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F5 Synthesis: Avoiding network taxes to improve app performance

#SDAS #webperf Consumers are increasingly performance-sensitive, which means every microsecond counts. In the five seconds it takes you to read this, 60% of your visitors just abandoned your site. Another 20% were gone before you even hit the... Read more
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F5 Synthesis: Platform is Strategy. Product is Tactics.

#SDAS Inarguably one of the drivers of software-defined architectures (cloud, SDDC, and SDN) as well as movements like DevOps is the complexity inherent in today's data center networks. For years now we've added applications and services,... Read more
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Devops: The Operational Amplifier

#SDDC #devops #SDN #linerate  When Instagram was sold to Facebook in 2012, it employed only 13 people and maintained over 4 billion photos shared by its 80 million registered users.  Internally, Instagram was a small business.... Read more
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F5 introduceert eerste modulaire application delivery controller 2U-chassis

VIPRION 2200 en F5’s high performance services-fabric bieden on-demand schaalbaarheid, consolidatie en flexibiliteit van applicaties zonder onderbreking Samenvatting · VIPRION 2200 is het eerste modulaire ADC-chassis in een appliance... Read more
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User Group Road Trip!

The esteemed pathological liar John Wagnon and I joined quite a group of F5ers in a three stop road trip through the heart of the Ohio River Valley. The always entertaining and wildly informative David Holmes joined us at all three stops, and we... Read more
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F5 Synthesis: SSD is Carpooling for the Network

#sdas #webperf Sometimes it's not whether or not you use hardware, but the hardware you choose to use Everybody talks a good game with respect to changing the economy of scale, but very few explain how that's going to actually happen. ... Read more
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Roaming around at Mobile World Congress

#MWC14 #F5 #mobile #sdas Consumers, like fate, are the fickle mistresses of the service provider world. When the multitude of applications they increasingly use on their mobile devices perform poorly, they often blame the network provider... Read more
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F5 Synthesis for Service Providers: Scaling in Three Dimensions

#MWC14 #SDAS #NFV #SDN It's not just about changing the economy of service scale, it's about operations, too. Estimates based on reports from Google put the number of daily activations of new Android phones at 1.3 Million. Based on... Read more
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F5 Synthesis: Fast, Fluent and Flexible

#sdas #sddc #sdn #devops #mobile F5 Synthesis 1.5 brings more performance, greater application fluency and increased flexibility for both application and mobile network providers.   Are you ready for millions of mobile visitors? With 20% of... Read more
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DNS The F5 Way: A Paradigm Shift

This is the second in a series of DNS articles that I'm writing.  The first is: Let's Talk DNS on DevCentral.   Internet users rely heavily on DNS, and when DNS breaks, applications break. It's extremely important to... Read more
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