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Don’t Take the Impostor’s Bait

Phishing has been around since the dawn of the internet. The term was first used in an AOL Usenet group back in 1996 but it wasn’t until 2003 when many baited hooks and lures started dropping. Popular transaction destinations like PayPal and eBay... Read more
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I Almost Bit...and Would've Been Bitten

My daughter has been asking for a puppy for over a year. A Chow puppy. I've had Chow Chows my entire life and our current Chow, Max, is a big 72lb cinnamon boy. He's also the medical alert dog for our daughter. Max, a rescue, is about 5... Read more
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Infographic: Protect Yourself Against Cybercrime

Maybe I’ll start doing an ‘Infographic Friday’ to go along with Lori’s F5 Friday.  This one comes to us from  Rasmussen College's School of Technology and Design Cyber Security Program and shows the online risks and offers some good... Read more
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Unplug Everything!

Just kidding…partially.  Have you seen the latest 2011 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report?  It is chock full of data about breaches, vulnerabilities, industry demographics, threats and all the other internet security terms that... Read more
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Technology Can Only Do So Much

People Make The Difference.  One thing I’ve noticed with a few of the recent high profile attacks and breaches is that the human element played a significant role.  The technology used to stop, thwart, defend and otherwise render these... Read more
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Identity Theft: Good News-Bad News Edition

So which would you like first?  Javelin Strategy & Research said identity theft incidents were down 28% in 2010 (vs. 2009) according to their latest consumer survey.  This is the lowest level since 2007 and about 3 million less... Read more
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e-card Malware

I’ve gotten some e-cards this holiday season from organizations that I know, and you might even receive one from F5.  I just wanted to post a short reminder to be careful of these, especially if you get one from someone you don’t know. ... Read more
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2010 Year End Security Wrap

Figured I’d write this now since many of you will be celebrating the holidays over the next couple weeks and who really wants to read a blog when you’re reveling with family and friends.  It’s been an interesting year for information... Read more
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Synthetic Identity Theft: The Silent Swindler

As a brief follow up to yesterday’s Got a SSN I Can Borrow, I came across this story from The Red Tape Chronicles saying the odds that someone else has used your Social Security Number is One in 7.  ID Analytics, a data collection and... Read more
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Got a SSN I can Borrow?

Apparently, I can use my own name and your Social Security Number to get a job or buy a car and it is not an identity theft crime.  Really.  This is according to a recent Colorado Supreme Court ruling.  They ruled that, ‘that using... Read more
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Giving Thanks for the Hackers, Crackers and Thieves

This holiday season, give you friendly neighborhood hacker (black or white hatted) and nice pat on the back.  ‘Why?’ you may ask.  ‘Aren’t they responsible for the nasty botnets, malware, SQL injections, stolen identities, government... Read more
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The State of My Blog Address

Readers, distinguished bloggers, various feeds - A year ago this week, I crossed over into double-digit blog entries (a whopping 10 stories at the time but a relative blog newcomer) and was wondering what magical rant would make this Blog Go to... Read more
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New Decade, Same Threats?

Do I call it Twenty-Ten or Two Thousand Ten?  Just not Two Thousand and Ten since that pesky decimal takes us back 10 years.  Eh, either way, the new year and decade brings out all the predictions for the coming year with this one taking... Read more
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Catch some Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

It used to be the ‘stuck to our side’ pagers that go off at 3am telling you that a server crashed that would keep you up at night.  You’d drag yourself out of bed (or the chair at the data center that you fell asleep in), tippy-toe to th... Read more
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It all comes down to YOU - The User

One of my favorite Security writers, Bruce Schneier, had an interesting entry last week called Reacting to Security Vulnerabilities where he discusses the recent reports about the security flaw in the SSL protocol and how we as users should relax... Read more
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X marks the Games

Sony Playstation Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary, Happy 20th birthday, Game Boy, Happy 10th anniversary, Sega Dreamcast! and November Marks the Launch Anniversary of Many a Gaming Platform.  Gaming has come a long way since the Atari 2600 an... Read more
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