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The Double Whammy of Scripting

Many of you are very familiar with iRules, our Tool Command Language (Tcl) based scripter. It’s a powerful application delivery tool to have a programmable proxy that allows you to manipulate – in real time - any network traffic passing through... Read more
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To Err is Human

#devops Automating incomplete or ineffective processes will only enable you to make mistakes faster – and more often. Most folks probably remember the play on "to err is human…" proverb when computers first began to take over, well,... Read more
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1024 Words: Why Devops is Hard

#devops #cloud #virtualization Just because you don't detail the complexity doesn't mean it isn't there It should be noted that this is one – just one – Java EE application and even it is greatly simplified (architectural... Read more
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Will DevOps Fork?

An impassioned plea from a devops blogger and a reality check from a large enterprise highlight a growing problem with devops evolutions – not enough dev with the ops. John E. Vincent offered a lengthy blog on a subject near and dear to his heart... Read more
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How to Make mailto Safe Again

Using HTTP headers and default browser protocol handlers provides an opportunity to rediscover the usability and simplicity of the mailto protocol. Over the last decade it's become unsafe to use the mailto protocol on a website due to e-mail... Read more
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WILS: Automation versus Orchestration

Infrastructure 2.0 is not just about automation, but rather is about the orchestration of processes, which are actually two different things: the former is little more than advanced scripting, the latter requires participation and decision making... Read more
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And the Killer App for Private Cloud Computing Is…

Automating components is easy. It’s automating processes that’s hard. The premise that if you don’t have an infrastructure comprised solely of Infrastructure 2.0 components then you cannot realize an automated, on-demand data center is, in fact,... Read more
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Are admins developers too?

If they aren’t now then Infrastructure 2.0 may force them in that direction - and vice versa. My brother (yes, it does run in the family) has a degree in computer science which, by most definitions, makes him a developer. That’s the focus of... Read more
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Understanding network-side scripting

We all understand the lines in the sand (or the architectural diagram) that separate client-side scripting from server-side scripting. It's very clear that client-side scripting, e.g. JavaScript, VBScript, ActionScript, executes on the client... Read more
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