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F5 Friday: The DPS of a DDoS has doubled

DPS, or damage per second, is a somewhat self-describing term for the amount of damage that can be dealt (by a single person or a group) in one second. It's typically used by players of online games such as World of Warcraft or Diablo. Not... Read more
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The future of cloud is hybrid ... and seamless

#cloud #DDoS #SDAS #infosec It's probably no surprise that I have long advocated the position that hybrid cloud would eventually become "the standard" architecture with respect to, well, cloud computing. As the dev/ops crowd at Glue... Read more
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Why F5 Synthesis realizes “Leave no Application Behind”?

The proliferation of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or the ability to respond to spurs in Internet or Web traffic is driving a shift in end-user expectations and business demands. According to Frost and Sullivan, the number of connected devices tha... Read more
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F5 Synthesis: Hardening Security through Programmability in the Network

#IPS #Infosec #F5 #SDAS Despite claims that there exists (or will, look out!) a mythical "god box" for the enterprise data center, capable of performing every data center function imaginable, it remains, well, mythical. Efforts to... Read more
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RSA Here We Come

#RSAC #F5 #infosec #sdas #webperf Security and performance can coexist. Security is an integral part of what F5 is all about. It's our mission to deliver secure, reliable and fast applications to anyone, anywhere at any time and we take all... Read more
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