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The IoT Ready Platform

Over the last couple months, in between some video coverage for events, I've been writing a series of IoT stories. From the basic What are These "Things”? and IoT Influence on Society to the descriptive IoT Effect on Applications and the... Read more
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Software is Eating IT

Software is eating the world. Everywhere you look there's an app for that. And I'm talking everywhere - including places and activities that maybe there shouldn't be an app for. No, I won't detail which those are. The Internet is... Read more
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Knock Knock. Who's there? Exactly.

#IoT #IDM #SDAS #infosec As the Internet of Things continues to expand (and it is expanding rapidly) the issue of access to applications is going to get a lot more messy. One of the benefits of cloud, so I'm told, is it is "easy... Read more
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SDN is important to IoT if it covers the entire network

#SDN #IoT #SDAS Jim Duffy over at Network World had an interesting post on IoT and the intersection of SDN, noting that some claim SDN is critical to the success of IoT while others are in the "it's an enabler" camp. Experts say... Read more
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1024 Words: It's an application world

#webperf #infosec #mobility #iam #sdas #IoT It's no longer enough to be application-aware... in an application world it's a requirement to be application-driven. Read more
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Network Virtualization: Instances versus Tenants

#SDN #Cloud #VCMP #SDAS #IoT Technology shifts are creating a lot of chaos, including the way we use words. Cloud. SDN. Multi-tenant. Instances. They're all inter-related and seem to have different meanings depending on who's trying to... Read more
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The Internet of Things: The Only Winning Move is to Play

#IoT #BigData The lure of free and convenience has finally won How many of you actually fill out the registration cards that come with your kid's toys? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? That's what I thought. Me neither. Not as a... Read more
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F5 Synthesis: DNS Shrugged

#DNSSEC #Cloud #SDAS #IoT #F5  DNS Anywhere and Everywhere   "In Greek mythology, Atlas (/ˈætləs/; Ancient Greek: Ἄτλας) was the primordial Titan who held up the celestial sphere. He is also the titan of astronomy and... Read more
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사물인터넷이 ‘사회적 지능’에 대한 요구를 증가시킨다

‘혁신은 리더와 추종자를 구분하는 잣대이다.’ 스티브 잡스가 남긴 말로 글로벌 플레이어가 되기 위해 노력하는 기업들에게 있어 정곡을 찌르는 말이다. 오늘날 사물 인터넷 (Internet of Things/ IoT)은 수많은 분야에 기술혁신을 불러왔고, 이러한 현상은 이미 빌딩, 기차, 병원 및 공장에서의 센서 네트워크 혹은 지능형 도로와 같은 다양한 기업 및 공공분야로 퍼져나가고 있다. 사물인터넷(IoT)이라는 용어는 간략하게... Read more
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