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F5 Friday: App Proxy or ADC?

Choosing between BIG-IP and LineRate isn't as difficult as it seems.... Our recent announcement of the availability of LineRate Point raised the same question over and over: isn't this just a software-version of BIG-IP? How do I know when... Read more
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F5 Synthesis: Keeping the licensing creep out of expanding software options

One of the funny things about infrastructure moving toward a mix of hardware and software (virtual or traditional) is that the issues that plague software come with it. Oh, maybe not right away, but eventually they crawl out of the deep recesse... Read more
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1024 Words: Programmability "in" the network

"Programmability in the network" is a wordy yet simpler way to describe the extension of network capabilities through the use of software-defined techniques. See what I mean? In any case, whatever you want to call it, there are two... Read more
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F5 Reinvents Application Delivery in the Cloud

#AWS #reinvent #linerate #cloud #SDAS  Cloud, in all its forms, remains a trend of top strategic importance to organizations across every size, shape and vertical. The importance of hybrid is based largely on the reality that organizations... Read more
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The Impact of Micro-Architectures and APIs on Data Center Network Design

#SDAS #Cloud #API #devops #LineRate It has an impact. A big one, in fact. Get ready for a change... Application development trends significantly impact the design of data center networks. Today there are two trends driving a variety of... Read more
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