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Software Defined Data Center Made Simple (feat. Pindell) - VMworld2015

The fun and always interesting Paul Pindell, Sr. Solution Architect, breaks down the #SDDC in clear and simple terms. He discusses the various elements such as software defined compute, software defined storage and software defined network alon... Read more
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Software Defined Data Center Made Easy with F5 and VMware

Jared Cook, VMware’s Lead Strategic Architect, Office of the CTO, visits #F5Agility15 and shares how F5 and VMware solutions can be used together in an orchestrated fashion to enable customers to spin up applications on-demand, and provision F... Read more
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The Five Requirements for Application Services in a Software-Defined Data Center

Data center models are changing. A variety of technical trends and business demands are forcing that change, most of them centered on the explosive growth of applications. That means, in turn, that the requirements for application delivery are... Read more
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F5 Synthesis: F5 brings Scale and Security to EVO:RAIL Horizon Edition

The goal of F5 Synthesis is to deliver the app services that deliver the apps business relies on today for productivity and for profit. That means not just delivering SDAS (Software Defined Application Services) themselves, but delivering them i... Read more
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Getting better mileage on your journey to an SDDC with VMware and F5

It's a foregone conclusion that many organizations have hit the road in their transformational journey to achieve a Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC). While mileage may vary based on the degree to which an organization has committed to... Read more
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Security as Code

One of the most difficult things to do today, given the automated environments in which we operate, is to identify a legitimate user. Part of the problem is that the definition of a legitimate users depends greatly on the application. Your public... Read more
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F5 Synthesis: Now with more VMware than ever!

Whether you've bought into DevOps or NetOps or SDN or SDDC (or all of them) as a way to operationalize the data center, one thing is clear: organizations are desirous of ways to deliver applications  and their infrastructure faster wit... Read more
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Please find the English language post, by Lori MacVittie, from which this was adapted here. 同一個工作,是否增加愈多的人手,便可做得更快呢?或許在數學的國度裡是這樣,但在真實世界中,那可不一定,甚至在某些狀況下,人手愈多,答案反而是否定的。 相信許多拜讀過《人月神話》(The Mythical Man-Month)一書的程式開發人員,對於該書主張的布魯克定律(Brook’s... Read more
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Cloud Strategy Morsels: Understand your unmet IT demand

On the twenty fourth of April 1949, the children of the United Kingdom rejoiced as the wartime rationing of sweets (candy) finally ended. Four months later rationing had to be reintroduced. This is an important lesson for those of us involved in... Read more
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Oracle OpenWorld 2014: Delivering Oracle Apps from the Cloud (feat George)

Jonathan George, F5 Sr. Product Marketing Manager, shares some insight on how F5 can help deliver Oracle applications from the cloud. From DNS, to application heath to identity management to security to disaster recovery to cloud migration,... Read more
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Oracle OpenWorld 2014: F5 & Oracle Integration (feat Gauthier)

Dana Gauthier, F5 Sr. Business Development Manager, talks about some of the highlights of the more than 15 different solutions from F5 & Oracle partnership. He also discusses the customer benefits of deep integration and collaboration in... Read more
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How you integrate all the network things matters

#SDN #DevOps API design best practices apply to the network, too. We (as in the industry at large) don't take enough about applying architectural best practices with respect to emerging API and software-defined models of networking. But we... Read more
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VMworld 2014 – F5 Management Plug-in for vCenter Orchestrator (feat Munson)

Kent Munson, F5 Principal Solution Engineer, explains why the F5 Management Plug-in for vCenter Orchestrator won Best Partner Solution – VMworld 2014 – in the Cloud Automation category. The F5 Management Plug-in for vCenter Orchestrator provides... Read more
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VMworld 2014 – F5 & VMware Alliance (feat Rowland)

Calvin Rowland, F5 VP Business Development, talks about the F5 & VMware partnership and brings us up to date on some of the latest developments. He also explains the criticality of technology alliances in today’s application driven world along... Read more
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VMworld 2014 – The F5 Reference Architecture for VMware NSX (feat Pearce)

Nathan Pearce, F5 Sr Technical Marketing Manager, shares a ton a great insight about NSX: what it is, what it does, why organizations deploy it along with how BIG-IP integrates with NSX. This integration solves two challenges – time to value and... Read more
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VMworld 2014 – Security Considerations for the SDDC (feat Frelich)

Brandon Frelich, our Marketing Services Architect for Cloud & Security, talks about some of the implications and considerations for organizations looking to move toward a Software Defined Data Center. Areas include DDoS protection, identity... Read more
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VMworld 2014 – Global Applications with vCloud Air (feat Church)

Bill Church, F5 SE Manager, gives us the low down on VMware’s vCloud Air, why organizations would use it along with the benefits, both for visitors and administrators, of globally distributed applications. This includes the ability to dynamically... Read more
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Why scaling down is harder than scaling up

#devops #cloud #sddc #loadbalancing Elasticity should be non-disruptive. Elasticity is hailed as one of the biggest benefits of cloud and software-defined architectures. It's more efficient than traditional scalability models that only went... Read more
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F5 Synthesis: Open, Secure and Production-Ready SDDC

#SDDC #NSX #SDAS #cloud #VMware and F5 offer up a production-ready L2-7 SDDC Many of us may recall from our school days some fairly typical "word problems" in math class. Consider for a moment this familiar pattern: If it takes Bob 27... Read more
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VMworld 2014 – Find F5

Sporting F5’s new SD/DC t-shirt, I show you how to find F5 VMworld Booth 1621 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Like an application delivery oasis, get a glimpse of the cool booth, the awesome giveaways and learn how the theme, ‘No Limits’,... Read more
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That was then, this is next. The new requirements for app delivery.

#Agility2014 #Cloud #Mobile #Devops and #SDN driving new requirements for application delivery Application delivery, as defined as its own little corner of the network industry, has been fairly focused on assuring the performance, security and... Read more
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Cloud and Things and Big Operational Data

#cloud #IoT #devops Software-defined architectures are critical for achieving the right mix of efficiency and scale needed to meet the challenges that will come with the Internet of Things If you've been living under a rock (or rack in the... Read more
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If apps incur technical debt then networks incur architectural debt

#devops #sdn #SDDC #cloud  72%. That's an estimate of how much of the IT budget is allocated to simply keeping the lights on (a euphemism for everything from actually keeping the lights on to cooling, heating, power, maintenance,... Read more
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Devops: The Operational Amplifier

#SDDC #devops #SDN #linerate  When Instagram was sold to Facebook in 2012, it employed only 13 people and maintained over 4 billion photos shared by its 80 million registered users.  Internally, Instagram was a small business.... Read more
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Service Fabrics Enable Network Service Virtualization

#SDN #Devops #Cloud You gots to have some management .... Nick Lippis, who writes the eponymously named Lippis Report, had a fascinating report on the differences between enterprise and service provider environments with respect to network ... Read more
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