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HP Discover and what F5 bring to the party

There are only a couple of weeks to go before HP Discover, taking place this year in Frankfurt on 4-6 December.  HP is a big organisation with lots of end user and vendor touchpoints.  The short video below, by F5's Alasdair... Read more
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DNSSEC – the forgotten security asset?

An interesting article from CIO Online last month explained how DNS had been used to identify over 700 instances of a managed service provider’s customers being infected with malware. The MSP was able to determine the malware using DNS. As the... Read more
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Context. SDN. Big Data. Security. Cloud.

That's right, something for everyone.  F5 recently attended IP Expo in the UK.  We had some speaker sessions at the event - some readers might have come along and seen them live.  The event organisers did a nice job of filming... Read more
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"Why Legacy Security Systems are Failing"

As explained by Nathan Pearce during a presentation at the National Security Conference in the UK earlier this year.  Non-technical, real-life, worth taking a few minutes to listen to: Read more
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VMworld 2012 Europe - Strobel's Scribblings, Part IV

The last installment...sniff...from F5's Frank Strobel at VMworld in Barcelona: One man's end is another's beginning... While VMworld EMEA 2012 came to an end today, something else saw its first light: @F5VMW The latest member to the... Read more
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VMworld 2012 Europe - Strobel's Scribblings, Part III

More from Frank Strobel, live from VMworld 2012 in Barcelona.  Today, 16,000 feet and a tale of two booths... At the end of another 10 hour day at VMworld in Barcelona, my feet started hating me.  At least, they clearly express their... Read more
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VMworld 2012 Europe - Strobel's Scribblings, Part I

The first of what will be a series of reports from Barcelona...F5's Frank Strobel wraps-up Day Zero's events: ---------- Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE... Read more
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Policy is key for protection in the cloud era

Today, companies host mission-critical systems such as email in the cloud, which contain both customer details, company-confidential information and without which, company operations would grind to a halt. Although cloud providers were forced to... Read more
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VMware’s Mobile Secure Desktop Bootcamp…

F5 features heavily on Day 4 of the VMware View Mobile Secure Desktop Bootcamp.  Click through to VMware’s End User Computing Blog here (or see below) for free-on-demand training.  As F5’s Lori MacVittie posts here, “by combining BIG-IP... Read more
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Videos from F5's recent Agility customer / partner conference in London

A week or so ago, F5 in EMEA held our annual customer / partner conference in London.  I meant to do a little write-up sooner but after an incredibly busy conference week I flew to F5's HQ in Seattle and didn't get round to posting... Read more
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Information Age 'How To' Guide to securing the enterprise

From secure remote access tips to technical precautions to defend web app functionality, this guide, published in conjunction with Information Age, has it all. Contributors include several of F5's best security people. Read more
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Data Diversity: a leading UK tech writer posts…

To change things up a little TechView has invited tech luminary Adrian Bridgwater to share a few thoughts on Big Data and related management issues.  More about Adrian can be found at the end of this post.  He can be found in many ... Read more
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Watch out for cloud congestion

F5's Lori MacVittie recently wrote a piece for ZDNet on cloud congestion and I thought I'd summarise it for our UK TechView readers: As cloud-based application usage continues to increase among consumers and corporate employees and more... Read more
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What banks can learn from Amazon

Banks have for some time now existed in what Tower Group refers to as a ‘multi-channel world’. What this means is that they are driving at delivering a consistent experience for their customers across the variety of interactions or touch points... Read more
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Mobile Device Support for VMware View

End user computing means that a wide range of mobile devices from laptops to tablets and from desktops to smartphones are being used. The diversity of these mobile devices and the sheer number of them in the workplace can overwhelm IT and strain... Read more
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Making VMware View fast, secure and available

VMware View is a leading solution for desktop virtualization offering simplified administration while increasing security and control.  When deploying VMware View, there are several issues your business must deal with: from the management of... Read more
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Context is King

F5 recently attended the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit. It was a first for us, and a great opportunity to meet and present to the 400 or so senior-level security specialist attendees. CIOs and CISOs abounded. Of the attendees that... Read more
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On the move: connecting users to apps

Whether it be traffic flow, water flow or the flow of commerce, there exist points within these flows where control mechanisms are applied. These control points might be simple - like traffic lights - or complex - like power distribution for a... Read more
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