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Security Sidebar: Regulating the Internet of Things

It seems that just about everything is Internet-connected today…cars, cameras, phones, lights, thermostats, refrigerators, toasters…just to name a few. The so-called “Internet of Things” (IoT) is huge. On one hand, this is an amazing step in the advancement of technology. On the other hand, it’s a gold-mine for exploitation if you’re an attacker... Read more
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Security Sidebar: Your Device Just Attacked Someone…And You Didn’t Even Know It

Large scale Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are no joke, and attackers can use them to inflict substantial damage to just about any target they want.  Depending on the target, the result of a DDoS attack could run the gamut of a... Read more
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Security Sidebar: Hands Up…This is a HEIST

The Fear…The newly discovered HEIST (HTTP Encrypted Information can be Stolen through TCP-Windows) vulnerability is making some noise, and people are rightfully freaked out a little bit.  HEIST is accomplished purely in the browser and... Read more
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Security Sidebar: Support Your Local Security Conference

I've never picked a lock in my life...until today. I had the chance to attend ShowMeCon, and one of the expo booths was a hands-on experience for lock-picking. The experience was really cool, and it reminded me of the great things you can learn when you support local security conferences. ShowMeCon is the premier hacking and security conference in the St Louis area. They had lots of great speakers and tons of great information to learn. Read more
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Security Sidebar: My Browser Has No Idea Your Certificate Was Just Revoked

Encryption is a fundamental reality on the Internet today.  Most sites use SSL/TLS for encryption, and you can identify these sites by the https:// in the address bar of your browser.  The Internet security service company Netcraft has... Read more
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Security Sidebar: Will The Real “Satoshi Nakamoto” Please Stand Up?

Some people love the anonymity that the Internet offers.  You can lurk in the shadows using a random pseudonym, and if you are careful enough it’s likely that no one will ever know who you are.  Back in 2008, an inventor named “Satoshi... Read more
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Security Sidebar: Spear Phishing Still Happens…A Personal Story

I’ve been doing this security thing for many years now.  In a list of current Internet patrons, I would include myself in the category of “those on high alert” for fraudulent and nefarious activity.  I’ve seen many general phishing... Read more
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Security Sidebar: A Point-Counterpoint Discussion On WAF Effectiveness

Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) are extremely popular today, and they provide critical protection for web applications.  But some experts have recently postulated that WAFs are not really as effective as many people think they are.  One... Read more
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Security Sidebar: How To Kill A Drone

Drones are all the rage right now…all the cool kids have one, and rightfully so. If you can attach a camera to it and make it fly hundreds of feet above the earth, it’s automatically awesome in my book. While many people are fans of drones and their ability to bring amazing photo and video footage, not everyone is a fan of the privacy boundaries that these devices inevitably push... Read more
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Security Sidebar: Is computer hacking now America’s favorite pastime?

To be fair, let me say that I’m a St Louis Cardinals baseball fan.  I grew up a Cardinals fan, and I always love to go see the Redbirds play.  Unfortunately, the Cardinals are now under federal investigation for an alleged computer... Read more
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Security Sidebar: Hacking Wireless Keyboards

Remember the good old days when 500 clunky wires, plugs, etc were absolutely critical in order to set up and configure a simple workspace? Yeah, me too. Now, most of our peripheral devices are wireless, and rightfully so... Read more
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Security Sidebar: Improving Your SSL Labs Test Grade

Encrypt everything.  That's what Google Chairman Eric Schmidt recently said.  His comments were in response to various surveillance efforts that he considered government overreach and censorship.  His... Read more
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Security Sidebar: Is Tor No Longer Safe?

The "Dark Web" (sometimes called the "Dark Net") is a collection of thousands of websites that use anonymity tools (like Tor or I2P) to hide their IP address and physical location.  These websites are notorious for... Read more
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Security Sidebar: Political Activism Laced With Malware

Civil disobedience invokes personal emotions and actions that are rivaled by few things.  For thousands of years, there has been a natural tension between a government and its people.  When, in some people's minds, the government steps too... Read more
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Security Sidebar: Google Leads The Way On Sunsetting SHA-1

SHA-1 (or Secure Hash Algorithm) is a cryptographic algorithm that was developed by the National Security Agency in the 1990s and is widely used in popular cryptographic protocols like Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security... Read more
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Security Sidebar: Wi-Fi unProtected Setup

The ubiquitous wireless router.  These devices are in our office buildings, hotels, restaurants, gas stations...and most certainly our homes.  They are the lifeblood of the Internet connectivity we rely on every single day.  With... Read more
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Security Sidebar: My Printer Did What?!?

Remember back in the good old days when a printer was just a printer?  Well, that isn't reality any more.  Printers have morphed from basic dot-matrix machines connected via parallel cable to fully-networked, multi-function devices... Read more
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Security Sidebar: Internet Connected Health Care

This edition of "security sidebar" will explore the healthcare industry's increasing reliance on Internet connected devices and how that might affect your personal health in the near future.Internet connected medical devices can... Read more
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Security Sidebar: Please Remove Your Google Glass

Google Glass is a wearable, head-mounted computer that looks like eyeglasses with a small optical display on the right lens.  Google introduced this technology to developers in early 2013 and then to the general public in April 2014. ... Read more
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Security Sidebar: I Can See Your Browsing History

Is there any expectation of browsing privacy on the Internet any more?  Well, there shouldn't be.  A few years ago, Internet browsers were widely known to have vulnerabilities that allowed websites the ability to search a user's... Read more
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Security Sidebar: Plan For Your Data Breach

According to CNN Money, almost half of all the adults in America have had their personal information exposed in the past 12 months.  This includes information like debit/credit card numbers, passwords, phone numbers, email addresses,... Read more
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Security Sidebar: LibreSSL is forking OpenSSL

The Heartbleed vulnerability revealed a serious flaw in the way OpenSSL is implemented.  One could argue that this flaw was big enough on its own to cause users to abandon OpenSSL.  Or, maybe some users had experienced previous... Read more
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Security Sidebar: End of Support for Windows XP...and ATMs?

The End of Windows XP Security flaws in operating systems are discovered all the time.  For operating systems that are still supported, the manufacturer releases a security update or patch that takes care of the flaw (make sure you install... Read more
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Security Sidebar: Defending The Internet of Things

Many experts predict that the number of devices connected to the Internet will top 50 billion (with a "B") by the year 2020. In fact, the following diagram shows that, on average, every person on the globe will have ~3.5 connected... Read more
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Security Sidebar: Will Lack of Net Neutrality Increase Hacker Activity?

Net Neutrality Way back in 2010, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted the Open Internet Order.  This order is a set of regulations that provides for Internet neutrality.  Essentially, this means that all Internet traffic... Read more
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