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The BIG-IP Application Security Manager Part 9: Username and Session Awareness Tracking

This is the penultimate article in a 10-part series on the BIG-IP Application Security Manager (ASM). The first eight articles in this series are: What is the BIG-IP ASM? Policy Building The Importance of File Types, Parameters, and URLs ... Read more
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4 Reasons We Must Redefine Web Application Security

Mike Fratto loves to tweak my nose about web application security. He’s been doing it for years, so it’s (d)evolved to a pretty standard set of arguments. But after he tweaked the debate again in a tweet, I got to thinking that part of the problem... Read more
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Cloud Computing: Is your cloud sticky? It should be.

Load balancing an application should, by now, be a fairly routine scaling exercise. But too often when an application is moved into a load balanced architecture it breaks. The reason? Application sessions are often specific to an application... Read more
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Why you still need layer 7 persistence

Tony Bourke of the Load Balancing Digest points out that mega proxies are largely dead. Very true. He then wonders whether layer 7 persistence is really all that important today, as it was largely implemented to solve the pro... Read more
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The third greatest (useful) hack in the history of the Web

Developers have an almost supernatural ability to workaround restrictions, even though some of the restrictions on building applications delivered via the web have been akin to a kryptonite. Like Superman fighting through the debilitating effects... Read more
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