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DevSecCon Singapore Survey Results and Trip Recap

Survey results and trip recap from DevSecCon Singapore (Feb 28-Mar 1, 2019). Read more
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Real Attack Stories: Bank Gets DDoS Attacked

One of our Silverline SOC customers (a financial institution) got attacked with a Distributed Denial of Service attack, and our Silverline SOC saved the day. This attack was highly distributed... Read more
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Real Attack Stories: DDoS Against Email Provider

An email service provider was attacked with a DDoS attack that used many different attack types (amplification, flood, etc).  F5 Silverline services were used to mitigate the attack... Read more
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Lightboard Lessons: F5 DDoS Hybrid Defender

DDoS Hybrid Defender (DHD) is a purpose-built hybrid solution that provides comprehensive L3-7 DDoS mitigation, to prevent network, application, and volumetric attacks... Read more
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Lightboard Lessons: Explaining the GitHub DDoS Attack

On Feb 28, 2018 the popular website GitHub was the victim of the largest Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack in recorded history.  The attackers used open memcached servers to launch an amplification attack... Read more
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Lightboard Lessons: What are Bots?

In this Lightboard Lesson, I light up some #basics about internet bots and botnets. Humans account for less than 50% of internet traffic and the rest is spread between the good bots and bad ones. ps Related: The Facts about Botnets The state of... Read more
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Lightboard Lessons: Attack Mitigation with F5 Silverline

In this Lightboard Lesson, I describe how F5 Silverline Cloud-based Platform can help mitigate DDoS and other application attacks both on-prem and in the cloud with the Hybrid Signaling iApp. Learn how both on-premises and the cloud can work... Read more
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Security Trends in 2016: Pervasive Insecurity

The term pervasive insecurity can be applied to arrays of complex systems including poverty, political landscapes, or civil violence. It's aptly suited for defining any widespread and unwelcome instability of standardized governance(1).... Read more
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Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Exploit Paths

Web application threats continue to cause serious security issues for large corporations and small businesses alike.  In 2016, even the smallest, local family businesses have a Web presence, and it is important to understand the potential... Read more
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PHPMailer Remote Code Execution (CVE-2016-10033)

An advisory has been published on a critical 0-day unauthenticated RCE (Remote Code Execution) vulnerability in the “PHPMailer” system. PHPMailer is a popular code for sending email from PHP and probably the world’s most popular one according... Read more
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F5 Networks - Silverline WAF Express overview

Silverline Web Application Firewall Express is a cloud-based service built on BIGIP Application Security Manager (ASM) – to help organizations protect web applications and data, and enable compliance with industry standards, such as PCI DSS. Read more
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Attaque DNS DYN, ou comment se protéger du malware Mirai

En quelques semaines, le monde de l’Internet vient de subir une série d’attaques DDoS ciblée et encore inconnue. Inconnue par la technique utilisée et par le volume. Ces attaques ont une particularité : le nombre de sources... Read more
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Lightboard Lessons: Silverline Architecture

In this edition of Lightboard Lessons, I cover the architectural overview of F5’s Silverline managed security services proxy and routed modes.  The granular details of the scrubbing center architecture, as well as the overall DDoS and WAF... Read more
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Agility 2016 guest speakers – sneak preview Q&A

Two of the many highlights at this year’s Agility 2016 conference in Vienna are set to be our guest speakers – Misha Glenny and Thimon De Jong. This week we caught up with both of them to gain a sneak preview of their talks, their opinions on the key themes of Agility and any previous experiences or tips they have regarding this year’s host city, Vienna! Read more
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What’s in store at Agility 2016?

We at F5, along with our customers and partners, are preparing to don our lederhosen and relocate to Vienna for our annual EMEA Agility conference! With two action-packed days ahead of us, we thought we’d preview the main events and happenings ... Read more
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Security Sidebar: A Point-Counterpoint Discussion On WAF Effectiveness

Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) are extremely popular today, and they provide critical protection for web applications.  But some experts have recently postulated that WAFs are not really as effective as many people think they are.  One... Read more
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February Is Security Month On DevCentral

February is Security Month here at DevCentral! It's an excellent time to brush up on your F5 Security knowledge now. Read more
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Silverline DDoS Architecture

I wrote on Wednesday about the why and what of F5 Silverline. Today we're going to dive a little deeper into the how of the DDoS service offering. Before we get into the scrubbing architecture itself, let’s take a look at the delivery options... Read more
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Silverline WAF Architecture

John Wagnon discusses Silverline's WAF architecture. Learn more here at DevCentral. Read more
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F5 Silverline: There's a New Sheriff, er, Service in Town!

Join Jason Rahm as he takes a few minutes of your time to do a brief recap of what Silverline is and why it matters. Read more
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OK 2016 Monkey, Whatcha Got?

The Year of the (Fire) Monkey is upon us and the curious, playful, smart, opportunistic and sometimes mischievous character could influence events throughout 2016. Whether you were born under the symbol or not, Monkeys thrive on challenges and... Read more
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DDoS attacks are increasing in scale and complexity, threatening to overwhelm the internal resources of businesses around the world. The F5® Silverline® Security Operations Center (SOC) recently saw a new distributed... Read more
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Punchbowl, Pearl Harbor and my Grandparents

(Originally posted December 07, 2009) In honor of Pearl Harbor day, I want to share a bit of history you might not know about. This has nothing to do with technology, security or current trends but felt compelled to honor my grandparents along... Read more
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F5 Silverline: DDoS Protection and Web Application Firewall as Managed Services

With the growth of cloud services and the software-defined data center, it’s tempting for organizations to embrace self-provisioning and begin to look at everything as a service (-aaS): SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, etc. These days, many companies providing... Read more
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Strengthen Your Cloud-Based DDoS Protection

Companies build out public-facing web presences for a variety of reasons, but most often their goal is to boost brand awareness or provide a transaction point for the exchange of services, information, money, etc. These websites are, by nature, publicly accessible, which means that organizations must build defenses to protect them from various threats. One of the most dangerous threats in today’s security ecosystem is that of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks... Read more
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