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The Thing That’s Not In Your Budget

There is one little thing you’re missing from your IT budget. While it impacts manpower most of all, you’ll be feeling it throughout your budget, and see signs of it in other departments as well. You should plan for it, because it is nearly a... Read more
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AJAX and Network-Side Scripting

AJAX enables the use of network-side scripting enabled application delivery solutions to offload client-side functionality and improve capacity and performance of dynamic (Web 2.0/AJAX) applications. In the last couple of weeks I’ve embarked on a... Read more
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The network ain’t big enough for the both of us

There is a tendency to describe every device on a network as simply “the network” regardless of whether that device is dedicated to security, or application delivery (layer 4-7), or actual network (layer 2-3) functionality. It’s an artifact of... Read more
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You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. Integration isn't a four letter word, but for many hapless IT folks stuck with the chore of integrating applications, it probably should be. SOA promised to... Read more
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Application Security: Loose-Coupling for Legacy Apps

Last week we dove into the use of application delivery as a way to apply the SOA benefits of loose-coupling to "legacy" web applications. This week we'll dive into how to achieve similar benefits by applying loose-coupling to... Read more
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Application Delivery: Loose-Coupling for Legacy Apps

How to apply SOA principles to traditional web application architecture I promised kudos and comments last week for Ronald Schmelzer's ZapNote on the requirement for a service proxy in SOA implementations and so I shall right now. While Ron... Read more
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You say "Late", I say "Delayed"

The language of application delivery and SOA finally meets in the middle Ronald Schmelzer at ZapThink wrote a recent ZapFlash titled, "Why Service Consumers and Service Providers Should Never Directly Communicate." Yes, I agree, the... Read more
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SOA & Web 2.0: The Connection Management Challenge

A Quick History Lesson Back in the day, server-load balancing vendors figured out that connection management (the setup and teardown of TCP/IP connections) was actually quite a burden on servers. You see, the server not only had to spend time... Read more
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