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Infrastructure Architecture: Removing Blinders from Security Infrastructure

Infrastructure architecture is often the answer to many of IT’s most challenging issues. It is a fact of IT that different businesses have different technical requirements in terms of security, processing, performance, and even storage. In many... Read more
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WILS: Controllers and Gateways

Why these two are very different but complementary technologies Have you ever wondered why one network product is called a “controller” while another seemingly similar in function solution is called a “gateway”? There’s actually a very good... Read more
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Get Out Your Crayons. We Need to Color Us Some Bits

Those eight bits in the IP header aren’t doing much of anything these days, perhaps it’s time to put them to work Back in the early days of bandwidth management, when quality of service and prioritization of traffic were on everyone’s minds... Read more
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Service Virtualization Helps Localize Impact of Elastic Scalability

Service virtualization is the opposite of – and complementary implementation to – server virtualization. One of the biggest challenges with any implementation of elastic scalability as it relates to virtualization and cloud computing is... Read more
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The network ain’t big enough for the both of us

There is a tendency to describe every device on a network as simply “the network” regardless of whether that device is dedicated to security, or application delivery (layer 4-7), or actual network (layer 2-3) functionality. It’s an artifact of... Read more
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Have a can of Duh! It’s on me

This whole Web 2.0-sucking-the-life-out-of-servers problem? Yeah, it’s nothing new if you’ve been paying attention. I am not one prone to fits of smug arrogance. I don’t generally ever say “I told you so” (even if I did) or tsk-tsk when you... Read more
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Cloud Computing: What's stopping service-oriented clouds?

Whenever there is a shift in architectural thinking about technology, such as is happening right now with cloud computing and virtualization, we start thinking forward, past the now, and into the future about how that technology might be... Read more
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Infrastructure 2.0: Aligning the network with the business (and the rest of IT)

When SOA was the hot topic of the day (not that long ago) everyone was pumped up about the ability finally align IT with the business. Reusability, agility, and risk mitigation were benefits that would enable the business itself to be more agile... Read more
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