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5 Years Later: OpenAJAX Who?

Five years ago the OpenAjax Alliance was founded with the intention of providing interoperability between what was quickly becoming a morass of AJAX-based libraries and APIs. Where is it today, and why has it failed to achieve more prominence? I... Read more
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Virtualization Changes Application Deployment But Not Development

Cloud computing management functionality and standards are right now laser-focused on virtual machines, and most APIs include the ability to stop,start,launch,etc…at that level of the infrastructure. This is because the application is still... Read more
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Confession: I love Flex, but we're parting ways in 40 or so days

Over the holidays I did, as most folks I suspect, things I enjoy doing. For me, one of those things was playing around with Adobe's Flex using Flex Builder 3. Yes, I am that much of a geek. I was a bit concerned it would take some time to... Read more
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Cloud Computing: It's the destination, not the journey that is important

How the cloud acts and is used is more important than where it physically resides Cloud computing and SOA suffer from the same lack of prescriptive architectures. They are defined by how they act rather than what they are, or from what they are... Read more
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Redefining SOA

We all know that SOA stands for Service Oriented Architecture, right? Gaurav Sharma over at Infosys-Oracle has another definition of SOA and it really fits well with both the business and IT goals surrounding SOA. Gaurav redefines SOA as... Read more
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What OS Virtualization and Christmas Lights Have in Common

Anyone who's listened to Bob Rivers' Twisted The Twelve Pains of Christmas can probably relate to the angry husband screaming, "When one light goes out they all go out!" because, yeah, we've all been there. Imagine now, if... Read more
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