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The Thing That’s Not In Your Budget

There is one little thing you’re missing from your IT budget. While it impacts manpower most of all, you’ll be feeling it throughout your budget, and see signs of it in other departments as well. You should plan for it, because it is nearly a... Read more
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DevCentral Top5 12/11/2009

There has been plenty to do the past couple of weeks, which means there's plenty to talk about today. Ranging from gaming to storage virtualization to interviews and more, I bring you my Top 5 picks of the week from DevCentral. And yes, of... Read more
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Cloud Computing: What's stopping service-oriented clouds?

Whenever there is a shift in architectural thinking about technology, such as is happening right now with cloud computing and virtualization, we start thinking forward, past the now, and into the future about how that technology might be... Read more
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