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The DevCentral Chronicles Volume 1, Issue 2

If you missed our initial issue of the DC Chronicles, check it out here. The Chronicles are intended to keep you updated on DevCentral happenings and highlight some of the cool articles you may have missed over the last month. Welcome. First up,... Read more
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Containers on the Rise

Insights from our 2017 State of Application Delivery survey. You can tell a lot about organizations use and adoption of technologies by how and where they want to deploy their app services. You may recall that app services is a big umbrella under... Read more
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The State of Application Delivery - Webinar

Thursday, January 28, 2016 at 10:00 am Pacific Time, I will have the pleasure of joining Principal Technical Evangelist Lori MacVittie and Business Intelligence Director Cindy Borovick in a live webinar to review the results and key... Read more
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Beyond Scalability: Achieving Availability

Scalability is only one of the factors that determine availability. Security and performance play a critical role in achieving the application availability demanded by business and customers alike. Whether the goal is to achieve higher levels or... Read more
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State of Application Delivery in 2015: Availability is a Coat of Many Colors

One of the more interesting data points to come out of our State of Application Delivery 2015 was the overwhelming importance placed on availability - even over security. When respondents were asked which service they would not deploy an... Read more
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