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DevCentral Showcase on LinkedIn

We are excited to share our New LinkedIn Home! We're thrilled to be Showcased under F5's LinkedIn Company Page and look forward to building a fun place to converse, ask questions and get inside advice on BIG-IP tips and tricks. LinkedIn... Read more
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Calling All Conversations!

Is what I wrote almost 10 years ago when F5 was rolling out some of our early social media channels as the medium started to explode. Back then, we listed our MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels - the four big ones at the time. A... Read more
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Get Social with DevCentral

That title sounds so 2009 but let’s go with it anyway. #Flashback…no, #Throwback…no, how about #TinkerTuesday? Is there such a thing? (There is.) #DevCentral will be ramping up our social activities in 2018 and we wanted to share some of the media... Read more
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Social Login to Enterprise Apps using BIG-IP & OAuth 2.0

Password fatigue is something we’ve all experienced at some point. Whether it’s due to breaches and the ever present, ‘update password’ warnings, the corporate policy of a 90-day rotation or simply registering for a website with yet another unique... Read more
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