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CloudNOW Aims to Amplify the Contribution of Women to Cloud Computing

That’s Cloud “Network of Women” and it’s a new opportunity to collaborate on cloud and emerging technologies Many, many years Fritz Nelson (then Vice President, Group Publisher for the Network Computing Enterprise Architecture) answered a... Read more
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JSON Activity Streams and the Other Consumerization of IT

The JSON Activity Stream specification could allow the (other and oh so soon forgotten side of) consumerization of IT to make its way into the data center. Remember when I posited that the Next-Generation Management of Data Centers Should be... Read more
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Next-Generation Management of Data Centers Should be Modeled on Social Networking

Should the next generation management of network and application network devices look and act more like Facebook and Twitter? Infrastructure 2.0 could take us there. Y ou may think I’m kidding and certainly I make this proposal with some amount... Read more
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Introducing Posh-FourSquare - The PowerShell library for FourSquare.com

Those who know me, can attest that I'm a early adopter when it comes to social networking systems.  The latest one I've been getting into lately is FourSquare.com.  FourSquare.com describes itself as 50% friend finder, 30%... Read more
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Linux is Not the Answer to Security Problems

Malicious links served up in a browser are OS agnostic. They don’t care about the OS because the target is people, not technology. In response to the problem of links and trust put forth in a recent post a reader replies that the answer to “evil... Read more
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Attacking Social Security Numbers (SSN): Social Engineering via Social Networking

I’m taking a break from virtualization to spend a few minutes with my roots: security. You know what they say: you can take the boy out of security but can’t take security out of the paranoid, tin-foil hat wearing, walls painted with wifi-blocking... Read more
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The Web 2.0 Botnet: Twisting Twitter and Automated Collaboration

Collaborating automatically via Web 2.0 APIs is a beautiful thing. I can update status on Twitter and it will automagically propagate to any number of social networking sites: Facebook. FriendFeed. MySpace. LinkedIn. If I had to do it all... Read more
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The Web 2.0 API: From collaborating to compromised

Are you protecting your Web 2.0 APIs? As Web 2.0 applications continue to expand from connected to collaborative via the extensive use of APIs it behooves developers and security professionals alike to consider the ramifications of providing... Read more
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Elvis is alive! He just logged into Facebook, or did he?

The case of Laura Dean has been treated as a “wake up call” to the millions of users of social networking sites. At first glance it appears there is nothing that Facebook (or any other social media site) could have done to prevent the theft and... Read more
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The Soft Risks of Social Networking

Just about every large organization, a whole lot of startups, are trying to leverage the potential of social media in their marketing efforts. We all read great articles containing tips and tricks regarding how to use social media for business... Read more
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Old and busted: RSS feeds. New hotness: Followers.

According to Steve Rubel at Micro Persuasion, I must be way more geeky than your average consumer. (Thanks, Steve!) That's because I'm using RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and Google to peruse myriad feeds in my daily quest to "read... Read more
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Why Flowgram Beats SlideShare Hands Down

There are a lot of things you can share on the Web today - you can bookmark pages, share pictures on Flickr or twitpic, blast a 12 second audio message out, e-mail links, or post nifty tidbits to your Facebook profile. But rarely do you find an... Read more
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Congratulations! You are a moron

Dear Internet Tough Guy, You know who you are. You're the individual who has an insecurity complex, probably due to a sad childhood, the story of which no one is really interested in hearing. You're the troll that prowls technology blogs... Read more
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Dear Plurk: We're Through. Kthxbye.

Plurk. Twitter. Plurk? Twitter? When Twitter is down (which is often) many denizens of the "life streaming" site rush to plurk to continue sharing news, blog posts, gossip, and general tidbits of interest. The difference between the... Read more
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