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Red Herring: Hardware versus Services

In a service-focused, platform-based infrastructure offering, the form factor is irrelevant. One of the most difficult aspects of cloud, virtualization, and the rise of platform-oriented data centers is the separation of services from their... Read more
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What Developers Should Or Should Not Do.

Recently I was in a conversation where someone seriously suggested that Web Application Acceleration and WAN Optimization should be the job of developers, since they are in the code and creating the network traffic. At first I was taken aback b... Read more
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Data Center Feng Shui: SSL

Like most architectural decisions the choice between hardware and virtual server are not mutually exclusive. The argument goes a little something like this: The increases in raw compute power available in general purpose hardware eliminates the... Read more
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Don’t Throw the Baby out with the Bath Water

Or in modern technical terms, don’t throw the software out with the hardware Geva Perry recently questioned one of Gartner’s core predictions for 2010, namely that “By 2012, 20 percent of businesses will own no IT assets.” Geva asks a few (very... Read more
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When Did Specialized Hardware Become a Dirty Word?

If you’re just trading “specialized” hardware for “dedicated” hardware you’re losing more than you’re gaining.  Apparently I have not gotten the memo detailing why specialized hardware is a Very Bad Thing(TM) . I’ve looked for it, I really... Read more
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IT Myths and Legends: No One Understands Our Legacy Software

There is a common myth that the reason legacy code continues to run in businesses around the world is that no one understands it; that IT and businesses are afraid to replace it because they don’t know what it does. Once again, living in th... Read more
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The Context-Aware Cloud

Christofer Hoff, better known as @Beaker to the Twitterverse, put on his devil's advocacy hat (yes, it really is a good color for him) yesterday and questioned whether there was a need for hardware application delivery solutions in the... Read more
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Why you should not use clustering to scale an application

It is often the case that application server clustering and load-balancing are mistakenly believed to be the same thing. They are not. While server clustering does provide rudimentary load-balancing functionality, it does a better job of providing... Read more
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A queue is a (a) line (b) a pony tail (c) a data structure

Neil McAllister @ InfoWorld has a great blog post on The Web development skills crisis. He postulates at that "The most agile developers, however, are those who approach programming with a firm grounding in computer science."Amen,... Read more
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