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A Different Kind of Spamalot

Those familiar with Monty Python might appreciate this dialog in song from the musical...   Customer: What have you got? Waitress: Well, there's egg and bacon,egg sausage and baconEgg and spamEgg, bacon and spamEgg, bacon, sausage and... Read more
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Blocking Spam with Custom Attack Signatures

I've said it before, I'll say it again: DevCentral is an awesome place to be. Our community is comprised of the best members in the world, and it shows by the way we help each other and care for our collective community. I have a little... Read more
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How to Make mailto Safe Again

Using HTTP headers and default browser protocol handlers provides an opportunity to rediscover the usability and simplicity of the mailto protocol. Over the last decade it's become unsafe to use the mailto protocol on a website due to e-mail... Read more
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Cybercrime, the Easy Way

The Dummies series is a great collection of ‘How to’ instructions on a wide array of topics and while they have not published a ‘Cybercrime for Dummies®’ booklet (and don’t think they will), DYI Cybercrime Kits are helping drive Internet... Read more
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Excuse Me But Is That a Gazebo On Your Site?!

There are few things in reality that can match The Gazebo in its ability to evoke fear and suspicion amongst gamers. The links on your web site may be one of them. In the history of Dungeons and Dragons there exists the urban legend known to... Read more
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We’re sorry. The IPv4 address you are trying to reach has been disconnected.

We know what the problem is. We know what the solution is. So why aren’t we doing something about it? Every year, around April Fools’ day, someone pulls out the old “Internet Spring Cleaning” gag. For those of us who are not technical neophytes... Read more
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Backscatter: Be part of the solution, not the problem

I read Robert McMilan's article on backscattering with great interest, primarily because my personal account has been a "bounceback" victim for the past couple of weeks. His article contains a great explanation of what backscatter is... Read more
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