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Mitigating Fortnite Vulnerabilities with BIG-IP ASM

A recently published research by Checkpoint introduced a couple of undiscovered vulnerabilities in the online gaming platform of “Epic Games” – the developers of the famous "Fortnite" game. It was claimed in the research paper that a... Read more
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Joomla! SQL Injection Vulnerability

Recently, details about three serious CVE vulnerabilities in the Joomla CMS platform were released to the public (CVE-2015-7297, CVE-2015-7857, CVE-2015-7858). These CVE’s were discovered by Trustwave SpiderLabs researchers, and full details of... Read more
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DRUPAL Critical SQLI (CVE-2014-3704)

Drupal is an open source framework written in PHP and is ranked as the third most popular content management system by W3Techs. It has introduced a database abstraction API to prevent SQL injection attacks, so only sanitized queries will execute.... Read more
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When Is More Important Than Where in Web Application Security

While you spend your time arguing over where application security belongs, miscreants are taking advantage of vulnerabilities. By the time you address the problem, they’ve moved on to the next one. Dmitry Evteev @ Positive Technologies Research... Read more
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4 Reasons We Must Redefine Web Application Security

Mike Fratto loves to tweak my nose about web application security. He’s been doing it for years, so it’s (d)evolved to a pretty standard set of arguments. But after he tweaked the debate again in a tweet, I got to thinking that part of the problem... Read more
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Using Resource Obfuscation to Reduce Risk of Mass SQL Injection

One of the ways miscreants locate targets for mass SQL injection attacks that can leave your applications and data tainted with malware and malicious scripts is to simply seek out sites based on file extensions. Attackers know that .ASP and .PHP... Read more
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BusinessWeek takes viral advertising a little too seriously

Yesterday it was reported that BusinessWeek had been infected with malware via an SQL injection attack. [begin Mom lecture] Remember when we talked about PCI DSS being a good idea for everyone, even though... Read more
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Why it's so hard to secure JavaScript

The discussion yesterday on JavaScript and security got me thinking about why it is that there are no good options other than script management add-ons like NoScript for securing JavaScript. I... Read more
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Three Web Application Vulnerabilities You Need to Know

Via Hacker News and Peteris Kumins' blog on programming, hacking, software reuse and stuff comes the latest Google tech talk, this one on web application vulnerabilities and "how cybercriminals steal money". While Peteris and... Read more
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PCI DSS Requirements 6.6: A best practice for the rest of us

With the deadline of June 2008 quickly approaching for retailers who need to be compliant with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) there's a lot of focus in IT shops on requirement 6.6, the somewhat hotly debated requirement... Read more
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