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Sumo Scandal 2008

For those of you not following the Japanese Sumo circuit, I thought I'd bring you some hot-off-the-presses news from the Japanese Sumo Association.  From CNN.com Two popular Russian sumo wrestlers were slapped with lifetime bans fro... Read more
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Japanese Marketing - FirePass

So you thought I was finished with the Japanese Marketing, F5 Style huh?  Well then you'd be wrong!  Today I've got another marketing sheet focused on F5's SSL-VPN FirePass.   As I mentioned in the last two posts... Read more
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The Battle of the Titans - Live!

As I mentioned in my last post, Jeff and I had the great opportunity to go to a Sumo Tournament on our recent trip to Tokyo, Japan.  By now you are probably sick of hearing about it, but I figured that you wouldn't be sick of ... Read more
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The Battle of the Titans

If you've listened to last weeks DevCentral weekly podcast, you heard that Jeff and I took a trip to Tokyo to meet with our team over there and speak at a user group meeting as well as a partner conference.  It j... Read more
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