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Using the Python SDK with the Flask Web Framework

I received from a member of our fine community on how to make the Python SDK work with the Django web framework. I haven't worked with Django, but I do work with the Flask web framework, which is very bare bones compared to Django, but has a... Read more
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State of Application Services 2019: Cloud and DevOps influencing NetOps

It has been noted, by yours truly, that cloud is not finished disrupting the data center. That is particularly true within IT, for roles across all four operational concerns: network, security, storage, and infrastructure. In our dive into the... Read more
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iControl REST Fine-Grained Role Based Access Control

iControl REST Fine-Grained Role Based Access Control Introduction The F5's role based access control (RBAC) mechanism allows a BIG-IP administrator to assign appropriate access privilages to the users [1]. For example, when the operator role... Read more
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iRules Commands Updates

Late last week, I updated the iRules wiki with all the commands and events introduced in version 14.0. In the process, I noticed there were several commands I had to update as well, as I have done for past versions. The updated commands are noted... Read more
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Understanding Performance Metrics and Network Traffic

Everybody should understand what specification sheet numbers mean, and how they apply to real world traffic. This article explains how specification sheets are generated and how to estimate the actual capacity needs of production environments. Read more
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Lightboard Lessons: What is F5 Container Connector?

In this episode of Lightboard Lessons, I reach the peak of the container story I've been working on through Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift. On the summit, I cover the overview of the F5 Container Connector, an integration solution for managing... Read more
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NetOps Meets DevOps - The State of Network Automation Survey

We want to understand your company’s current application architectures and the adoption of continuous delivery and continuous deployment practices within your organization. Please answer some brief questions about: How important automation is to... Read more
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The Three HTTP Routing Patterns You Should Know

HTTP is the de-facto application transport layer. The majority of applications and APIs today are delivered via HTTP, regardless of their content (HTML, JSON, XML).  That means most of the scaling going on is focused on scaling HTTP-based... Read more
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Join Us for an Upcoming F5 BIG-IP and Cisco CloudCenter Webinar

Details on how to join a F5 and Cisco joint webinar on March 27, where we will present BIG-IP and CloudCenter integration. Read more
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Super-NetOps: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Super-Netops?Super-NetOps is the practice of delivering network-based services as programmable infrastructure to support DevOps practices and methodologies. Traditional network operations (NetOps) is GUI/CLI oriented, and causes majo... Read more
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Lightboard Lessons: Why Super-NetOps

Super-NetOps is not a technology, it’s an evolutionary journey. Already featuring two complete classes on integrating NetOps expertise into the benefits of a DevOps world, this training program is poised to help the NetOps professional take a... Read more
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Continuously Improving as Super-NetOps

We play games in order to 'come up against ourselves' in the presence of others. No amount of googling has helped me identify its source, but this statement is peppered across a lot of... Read more
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The Operational Model for Cloud/Automated Systems Architectures

Recap Previous Article: The Deployment Model for Cloud/Automated Systems Architectures Ok. We're almost there. The finish line is in sight! Last week we covered our Deployment Model. This week we will wrap up this series of articles by... Read more
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The Deployment Model for Cloud/Automated Systems Architectures

RecapPrevious Article: The Service Model for Cloud/Automated Systems ArchitecturesLast time, we covered our Service Model. We'll continue this week by coveringthe Deployment Model. Before we dive into the details lets take a look at a... Read more
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The Service Model for Cloud/Automated Systems Architectures

Recap Previous Article: Cloud/Automated Systems need an Architecture In the last article we spent some time laying the foundation of an Architecture for Cloud and Automated Systems. In that article we discussed that our Architecture consisted of... Read more
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Cloud/Automated Systems need an Architecture

Architecture. The physical world we inhabit is built on it, literally and for years I’ve been trying to pin down what ‘Cloud’ is. Read more
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F5 Release Device Package 1.2.0 for Cisco ACI

On July 1st, 2015, F5 released Device Package version 1.2.0 for Cisco ACI.  What is new in this device package? PERSISTNACE PROFILE We added persistence profiles (default and fallback) support in this device package.  Thru APIC, you... Read more
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Selective SNAT with iRules

I use a lot of internal resources to solve problems at F5 -- I'm sure there's an support engineer or two that might even suggest I abuse my rights as a customer with access to their internal email. However, I'm not a programmer.... Read more
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A Methodology for Integrated Networks and Applications

Introduction A fundamental problem in IT today is the lack of process and coordination between network and application teams in designing and deploying applications or services. This lack of coordination results in missed opportunities; better... Read more
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