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DevSecCon Singapore Survey Results and Trip Recap

Survey results and trip recap from DevSecCon Singapore (Feb 28-Mar 1, 2019). Read more
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NetOps Meets DevOps - The State of Network Automation Survey

We want to understand your company’s current application architectures and the adoption of continuous delivery and continuous deployment practices within your organization. Please answer some brief questions about: How important automation is to... Read more
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F5 Customer Satisfaction Survey - Your response as our customer is greatly appreciated

It’s survey time, people! I know, I can sense the hair on your neck standing at attention as you read word two. But this is not just any survey. F5’s CEO, Manny Rivelo, recently asked customers for feedback not just on product and service, but... Read more
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Will the Cloud Soak Your Fireworks?

This week in the States, the Nation celebrates it's Independence and many people will be attending or setting off their own fireworks show. In Hawaii, fireworks are shot off more during New Year's Eve than on July 4th and there is even... Read more
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LineRate Self-Support Survey

Take a quick survey to let us know what you think of LineRate self-support via community driven forum, and help us improve.   We value your opinion. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LRSSS Read more
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Results of My Completely Unscientific Internet Survey on the word "Network"

Q: What do you think when you hear the word "network"?   Which is about what I expected - an emphasis on the lower layers (2-3) of the stack, some crossover at the transport layer (4) and diminishing mindshare at the higher layer... Read more
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Mobile Threats Rise 261% in Perspective

A new report from ABI Research indicates that the number of unique mobile threats grew 261% in just two quarters.  As mobile functionality grows so does the vulnerability threat vector as mobile malware is starting to target certain... Read more
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RSA2013: F5 RSA Security Trends Survey

I review the key findings from the F5 RSA Security Trends Survey. On Tuesday, February 26, F5 conducted a survey on the exhibit show floor during RSA 2013. Conference attendees were asked two initial qualifying questions about their role within... Read more
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Curing the Cloud Performance Arrhythmia

#cloud #webperf Maintaining Consistent Performance of Elastic Applications in the Cloud Requires the Right Mix of Services Arrhythmias are most often associated with the human heart. The heart beats in a specific, known and measurable rhythm to... Read more
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Getting at the Heart of Security in the Cloud

#infosec #cloud CloudPassage digs a bit deeper into the issue of security and public cloud computing and finds some interesting results Security is a pretty big word. It’s used to represent everything from attack prevention to authentication... Read more
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Study Says Economics Not A Driving Factor in Cloud Computing Adoption

Paul Miller, who pens Cloud of Data, had an interesting perspective during a chat this week on what effect infrastructure upgrade cycles might have on cloud computing adoption. Paul postulated that as these servers fail and organizations have to... Read more
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Disk May Be Cheap but Storage is Not

Remember at trade shows oh, a few years back now, the “hot” vendor swag was 256MB USB keys. I’m sure many of you spent time trying to collect them as fervently as kids collect Pokeman cards (or whatever the CCG du jour may be). Just a few years... Read more
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We Don’t Know What Cloud Is But What We’re Doing It

Survey says IT still doesn’t agree on the definition of cloud – private or public – but everybody is doing it Every organization with a stake in cloud computing’s predicted billions of dollar market is interested in understanding what it is IT... Read more
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The Real Meaning of Cloud Security Revealed

Hint: It doesn’t actually have much to do with technology or products In case you hadn’t heard, a startup called Panda Security has introduced a cloud-based anti-virus offering. This set off a rift of articles and blogs discussing the solution... Read more
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