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Mobile data - Where does it go?

I was excited to see our press release coverage today about F5 Networks and Bytemobile's ability to scale T-Mobile's 3G Network Capacity with our VIPRION product.  The article mentions the "explosive" growth of data  on... Read more
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What did the Google phone say to the iPhone?

With all of the buzz about the G1 from Google / T-Mobile in the past 24 hours there have been some great comments and reviews. There have been insightful discussions and interesting banter weighing the pros and cons, the reasoning for the way... Read more
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Google's new media-equipped phone doesn't support headphones. Wait...what?

Well I knew it couldn't be all sunshine and roses. I started poking around looking at more info on the new phone from T-Mobile and Google, the G1, that I was just talking excitedly about an hour or so ago. So far first impressions have been... Read more
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Look out iPhone, Google and T-Mobile are the new kids on the block

Google and T-Mobile have announced the release of the G1, the new smart phone that looks to  be a serious competitor for the iPhone. RWW has a great article that lists some features and links to videos/images of the phone. This touch... Read more
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