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Capacity in the Cloud: Concurrency versus Connections

#devops #cloud #ado Understanding the difference between concurrency and connections is an important step in capacity planning in public cloud environments Choosing the right size for an instance in the cloud is – by design – like choosing the... Read more
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F5 Friday: The Mobile Road is Uphill. Both Ways.

Mobile users feel the need …. the need for spe-  please wait. Loading… We spent the week, like many other folks, at O’Reilly’s Velocity Conference 2011 – a conference dedicated to speed, of web sites, that is. This year the conference... Read more
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WAN Optimization is not Application Acceleration

Increasingly WAN optimization solutions are adopting the application acceleration moniker, implying a focus that just does not exist. WAN optimization solutions are designed to improve the performance of the network, not applications, and while... Read more
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True or False: Application acceleration solutions teach developers to write inefficient code

It has been suggested that the use of application acceleration solutions as a means to improve application performance would result in programmers writing less efficient code. In a comment on “The House that Load Balancing Built” a reader... Read more
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How Sears Could Have Used the Cloud to Stay Available Black Friday

The prediction of the death of online shopping this holiday season were, apparently, greatly exaggerated. As it's been reported, Sears, along with several other well known retailers, were victims of heavy traffic on Black Friday. One wonders... Read more
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3 Really good reasons you should use TCP multiplexing

AJAX. SOA. Social network API integration. What is TCP Multiplexing? All of aforementioned technologies have one thing in common. Okay, they have more than that in common,  but for the purposes of this discussion... Read more
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