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Is Your DNS Vulnerable?

A recent report from The Infoblox DNS Threat Index (in conjunction with Internet Identity) shows that phishing attacks has raised the DNS threat level to a record high of 133 for second quarter of 2015, up 58% from the same time last year. The... Read more
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Application Security is a Stack

#infosec #web #devops There’s the stuff you develop, and the stuff you don’t. Both have to be secured. On December 22, 1944 the German General von Lüttwitz sent an ultimatum to Gen. McAuliffe, whose forces (the Screaming Eagles, in case... Read more
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Identify the Most Probable Threats to an Organization

Two weeks ago I was in the cinema watching the movie Moneyball. The movie is all about the story of Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane's successful attempt to put together a baseball club not based on collected wisdom of baseball... Read more
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Security’s Rough Ride

1 if by land, 2 of by sea, 0 if by IPI know I’ve said this before but it sure seems like almost daily there is a security breach somewhere.  Over the years, the thought process has changed from prevent all attacks to, it is inevitable that we... Read more
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IPS or WAF Dilemma

As they endeavor to secure their systems from malicious intrusion attempts, many companies face the same decision: whether to use a web application firewall (WAF) or an intrusion detection or prevention system (IDS/IPS).  But this notion that... Read more
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Hackers Hit Vacation Spots

Just when you were having all that fun running around the waterpark and playing those arcade games comes news that the card processing system of Vacationland Vendors Inc., a Wisconsin Dells firm that supplies arcade games and installs vending... Read more
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SANS 20 Critical Security Controls

A couple days ago, The SANS Institute announced the release of a major update (Version 3.0) to the 20 Critical Controls, a prioritized baseline of information security measures designed to provide continuous monitoring to better protect government... Read more
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Custom Code for Targeted Attacks

Botnets?  Old school.  Spam?  So yesterday.  Phishing?  Don’t even bother…well, on second thought.  Spaghetti hacking like spaghetti marketing, toss it and see what sticks, is giving way to specific development of... Read more
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Unplug Everything!

Just kidding…partially.  Have you seen the latest 2011 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report?  It is chock full of data about breaches, vulnerabilities, industry demographics, threats and all the other internet security terms that... Read more
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Where Do You Wear Your Malware?

The London Stock Exchange, Android phones and even the impenetrable Mac have all been malware targets recently.  If you’re connected to the internet, you are at risk.  It is no surprise that the crooks will go after whatever device... Read more
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CloudFucius Tunes into Radio KCloud

Set the dial and rip it off – all the hits from the 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond – you’re listening to the K-Cloud.  We got The Puffy & Fluffy Show to get you going in the morning, Cumulous takes you through midday with lunchtime legion, Mis... Read more
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Connecting to a Cloud while Flying thru the Clouds

CloudFucius checked out some In-flight WiFi this week while traveling to Seattle.  Alaska Air offers GoGo Inflight Internet on their 737 fleet flying the 48 contiguous for $4.95, but the service is free through July 2010.  An instructio... Read more
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CSRF Prevention with F5's BIG-IP ASM v10.2

Watch how BIG-IP ASM v10.2 can prevent Cross-site request forgery.  Shlomi Narkolayev demonstrates how to accomplish a CSRF attack and then shows how BIG-IP ASM stops it in it's tracks. The configuration of CSRF protection is literally... Read more
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CloudFucius Wonders: Can Cloud, Confidentiality and The Constitution Coexist?

This question has been puzzling a few folks of late, not just CloudFucius.  The Judicial/legal side of the internet seems to have gotten some attention lately even though courts have been trying to make sense and catch up with technology fo... Read more
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Today’s Target: Corporate Secrets

Intellectual Property is one of a company’s most precious assets and includes things like patents, inventions, designs, source code, trademarks, trade secrets and more.  These formulas, processes, practices and other inside information can... Read more
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Dan Kaminsky Interview Part I

Peter Silva of F5 sits down with IOActive's Dan Kaminsky. In this extremely informative and lively discussion, the Domain Name System is the topic. DNS infrastructure, DNS vulnerabilities including DNS Cache Poisoning, DNSSEC and what's... Read more
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Dan Kaminsky Interview Part II

Peter Silva of F5 continues his conversation with IOActive's Dan Kaminsky. Please see Part 1 for complete description. In this segment, Dan talks about the discovery of DNS Cache Poisoning, DNSSEC and the overall importance of DNS to the... Read more
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Dan Kaminsky Interview Part III

Peter Silva of F5 finishes his chat with IOActive's Dan Kaminsky. Please see Part 1 for complete description. In this segment, DNSSEC conversation continues and Dan explains what's happened since his discovery of DNS Cache Poisoning... Read more
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A is for Application, J is for Jacked

…Criminal-toasty Application Jacked, Data’s tasty stolen too, You’re Application’s Hacked.  Application’s Jacked, Application’s Jacked - hum hum the rest in your head, glad to plant a jingle in you, to sing out all day! Almost every day now,... Read more
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Consolidate and Dedicate to Eradicate

Whether it be due to cloud computing, last year’s economic mess, or just the general cyclical nature of the Tech Industry, Consolidation has been a huge focus of IT departments of late.  Data Center consolidation, hardware consolidation,... Read more
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Cybercrime, the Easy Way

The Dummies series is a great collection of ‘How to’ instructions on a wide array of topics and while they have not published a ‘Cybercrime for Dummies®’ booklet (and don’t think they will), DYI Cybercrime Kits are helping drive Internet... Read more
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New Decade, Same Threats?

Do I call it Twenty-Ten or Two Thousand Ten?  Just not Two Thousand and Ten since that pesky decimal takes us back 10 years.  Eh, either way, the new year and decade brings out all the predictions for the coming year with this one taking... Read more
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Excuse Me But Is That a Gazebo On Your Site?!

There are few things in reality that can match The Gazebo in its ability to evoke fear and suspicion amongst gamers. The links on your web site may be one of them. In the history of Dungeons and Dragons there exists the urban legend known to... Read more
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