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F5 Friday: Big Data? Big Risk…

#bigdata #infosec Storing sensitive data in the cloud is made more palatable by applying a little security before the data leaves the building… When corporate hardware, usually laptops, are stolen, one of the first questions asked by... Read more
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Graduating Your Storage

Lori and I’s youngest daughter graduated from High School this year, and her class chose one of the many good Vince Lombardi quotes for the theme of their graduation – “The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.” Those who... Read more
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Cloud Storage at Computer Technology Review

Since I’ve mentioned it a couple of times, I thought I’d offer you all a link to my article in Computer Technology Review about The Cloud Tier. The point was to delve into how/when/where/why of cloud storage usage. While there is a lot to say o... Read more
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F5 Friday: ARX VE Offers New Opportunities

Virtualization has many benefits in the data center – some that aren’t necessarily about provisioning and deployment. There are some things on your shopping list that you’d never purchase sight unseen or untested. Houses, cars, even furniture.... Read more
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F5 Friday: F5 ARX Cloud Extender Opens Cloud Storage

Bridging the gap between data access and cloud storage to enable a critical storage strategy: tiering. There’s a disconnect between the way in which we access files and the way in which cloud storage providers are offering us access to files... Read more
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Let’s Rethink Our Views of Storage Before It Is Too Late.

When I was in Radiographer (X-Ray Tech) training in the Army, we were told the cautionary tale of a man who walked into an emergency room with a hatchet in his forehead and blood everywhere. As the staff of the emergency room rushed to treat th... Read more
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Boxes and Sorting. How Tiering Helps

When you’re going through your basement, attic, or garage and reorganizing, you move things from box to box, shuffle locations of boxes, buy better boxes to hold things that are more precious, take steps to see  to their safety by keeping... Read more
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Tiering is Like Tables, or Storing in the Cloud Tier

We take tables for granted. Really take them for granted. We cover them with our stuff, we sit down to eat on them, we put them in front of the TV to hold our computers, we put them pretty much  everywhere, and we use them for everything... Read more
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