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SNI Routing with BIG-IP

In the previous article, The Three HTTP Routing Patterns, Lori MacVittie covers 3 methods of routing. Today we will look at Server Name Indication (SNI) routing as an additional method of routing HTTPS or any protocol that uses TLS protocol that... Read more
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TLS Fingerprinting - a method for identifying a TLS client without decrypting

TLS fingerprinting is a methodology based on the attributes in an SSL handshake ClientHello message. This presents an interesting approach to identifying user agents without first decrypting the traffic and looking for an HTTP User-Agent header. Read more
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SSL Profiles Part 11: TLS Optimization

It’s been a while since we featured the SSL Profile, but some cool new features have emerged and everyone on DevCentral needs to know about them!  In this article, we will look at several options that are now available for optimizing TLS... Read more
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Implementing ECC+PFS on LineRate (Part 1/3): Choosing ECC Curves and Preparing SSL Certificates

Getting Started with LineRate In order to appreciate the advantages of SSL/TLS Offload available via LineRate as discussed in this article, let's take a closer look at how to configure SSL/TLS Offloading on a LineRate system. This example... Read more
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Implementing ECC+PFS on LineRate (Part 3/3): Confirming the Operation of SSL Offloading

Testing the Client-side SSL Confirming ECC PFS cryptography By browsing to https://ssloffload.lineratesystems.com, it is observed that the ECC secp384r1 curve is being used to secure the session. Figure 2 details the specific network... Read more
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Why ECC and PFS Matter: SSL offloading with LineRate

Why offload SSL/TLS from Application Servers? As more and more sensitive data traverses the Internet, it is important to secure this information. Per RFC 5246, securing network communications via SSL/TLS "allows client/server applications to... Read more
Average Rating: 4.9
4 Reviews

Y U No Support SPDY Yet?

#fasterapp #ado #interop Mega-sites like Twitter and popular browsers are all moving to support SPDY – but there’s one small glitch in the game plan… SPDY is gaining momentum as “big” sites begin to enable support for the would-be HTTP 2.0... Read more
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Infrastructure Architecture: Removing Blinders from Security Infrastructure

Infrastructure architecture is often the answer to many of IT’s most challenging issues. It is a fact of IT that different businesses have different technical requirements in terms of security, processing, performance, and even storage. In many... Read more
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DevCentral Top5 11/06/2009

While ramping up for "The Next Big Thing" continues amongst the DC staff, there is much to talk about in regards to content that's happening in the here and now, not just in the eagerly awaited future (with jet-packs and stuff…).... Read more
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TLS Man-in-the-Middle Attack Disclosed Yesterday Solved Today with Network-Side Scripting

Yesterday the blogosphere, twittosphere, and other-spheres were abuzz when a new TLS renegotiation man-in-the-middle attack was disclosed. Interestingly enough, while we were all still reading about it and figuring out all the nuances, one of our... Read more
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20 Lines or Less #31 – Traffic shaping, header re-writing and TLS renegotiation

What could you do with your code in 20 Lines or Less? That's the question I ask (almost) every week for the devcentral community, and every week I go looking to find cool new examples that show just how flexible and powerful iRules can be... Read more
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