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Implementing ECC+PFS on LineRate (Part 1/3): Choosing ECC Curves and Preparing SSL Certificates

Getting Started with LineRate In order to appreciate the advantages of SSL/TLS Offload available via LineRate as discussed in this article, let's take a closer look at how to configure SSL/TLS Offloading on a LineRate system. This example... Read more
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Implementing ECC+PFS on LineRate (Part 3/3): Confirming the Operation of SSL Offloading

Testing the Client-side SSL Confirming ECC PFS cryptography By browsing to https://ssloffload.lineratesystems.com, it is observed that the ECC secp384r1 curve is being used to secure the session. Figure 2 details the specific network... Read more
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Why ECC and PFS Matter: SSL offloading with LineRate

Why offload SSL/TLS from Application Servers? As more and more sensitive data traverses the Internet, it is important to secure this information. Per RFC 5246, securing network communications via SSL/TLS "allows client/server applications to... Read more
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Y U No Support SPDY Yet?

#fasterapp #ado #interop Mega-sites like Twitter and popular browsers are all moving to support SPDY – but there’s one small glitch in the game plan… SPDY is gaining momentum as “big” sites begin to enable support for the would-be HTTP 2.0... Read more
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Infrastructure Architecture: Removing Blinders from Security Infrastructure

Infrastructure architecture is often the answer to many of IT’s most challenging issues. It is a fact of IT that different businesses have different technical requirements in terms of security, processing, performance, and even storage. In many... Read more
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