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The Top Ten Hardcore F5 Security Features in BIG-IP 14.0

B-list F5 Celebrity David Holmes picks the top ten most hardcore security features for version 14.0. Read more
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Configuring Smart Card Authentication to BIG-IP Management Interface

How do we smart card enable our BIG-IP management interface? DevCentral shows how it's done. I will also share some troubleshooting steps, logs and tools I used to overcome my issues while attempting this. So, with that, let's get started. Read more
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Post of the Week: BIG-IP Policy Sync

In this Lightboard Post of the Week, I light up the answer to a question about BIG-IP APM Policy Sync. Posted Question on DevCentral: https://devcentral.f5.com/questions/apm-policy-sync-56330 Thanks to DevCentral user Murali (@MuraliGopalaRao) for... Read more
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Cipher Suite Practices and Pitfalls

Cipher Suite Practices and Pitfalls It seems like every time you turn around there is a new vulnerability to deal with, and some of them, such as Sweet32, have required altering cipher configurations for mitigation.  Still other users may... Read more
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Managing Your Vulnerabilities

I recently recovered from ACDF surgery where they remove a herniated or degenerative disc in the neck and fuse the cervical bones above and below the disk. My body had a huge vulnerability where one good shove or fender bender could have ruptured... Read more
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A Green Light for TLS

In today’s Internet, the only thing still more important than security is performance. Therefore, any new security control must also be optimized for performance. For CPU-intensive tasks like HTTPS encryption, there are many lesser-known features... Read more
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SSL Visibility for All

Even before the advent of HTTPS Everywhere, we struggled to ensure that every inspection tool got a peek at the traffic as it left the data center. With over 60% of Internet traffic encrypted and rising, that challenge is only growing. Simultaneously, HTTPS traffic is encrypted by stronger ciphers, designed to defeat most man-in-the-middle solutions. Specifically, Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) ciphers are creating blindspots in security and inspection solutions that rely on passive decryption architectures such as span ports. Read more
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Five Podcasts to Put You to Sleep

David Holmes shares the secret to sleeping like a baby every night. Read more
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Full Stack Security

When talking to someone who’s spent a lot of time around F5 technology, two words always come up: full-proxy and platform. BIG-IP is the platform of services offered by a full, dual-stack proxy. The proxy yields unmatched visibility and control at... Read more
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Advanced Threat Mitigations via SSL Intercept

SSL offload has been around for quite some time. But this technology was primarily developed for the web farm audience, offloading SSL traffic from the application servers and putting the load on application delivery controllers like F5’s BIG-IP.... Read more
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Five Ways #IamF5

In 2013, F5 Networks was honored by the City of Seattle when the mayor proclaimed February 5 as F5 Day to recognize the contributions of F5 to our community and we’re celebrating in all of our offices around the globe. Check out Celebrating F5 Da... Read more
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Full examples of iControlREST for device and application service deployment

Examples of the use of iControlREST for device and application service provisioning. In particular, we describe example workflows, and we dive into the management of iApp services and templates using iCR. Read more
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5 Reviews

Innovate, Expand, Deliver with F5 CEO Manny Rivelo

F5 President & CEO, Manny Rivelo, shares his vision of Innovate, Expand, Deliver at #F5Agility15. Always insightful, Manny discusses his new role as CEO, what hybrid application services means to organizations, how F5 has evolved from just ... Read more
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LogJams, DHE Parameters, and Other Obstacles to TLS Excellence

If you're presently volunteering to wear the hat of “SSL/TLS Vulnerability Manager”, then you’ve come to the realization that patching one vulnerability often raises others. In wake of revelations about mass surveillance, many of us moved... Read more
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Whiteboard Wednesday: Basic F5 BIG-IP Nomenclature

Jason and John discuss the basic nomenclature of F5 BIG-IP objects, starting with interfaces and vlans and climbing up the stack to the foundational traffic cop, the object of all objects: the virtual server. Read more
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Se protéger des IP frauduleuses grâce à IP Intelligence de F5 Networks

Le meilleur moyen de se protéger des attaques est de les contrer au plus proche - c'est à dire au moment de l'initialisation de la connection (plus communément appelé le 3-Ways-Handshake).   F5 Networks propose... Read more
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CVE-2014-3566 POODLE vs. CVE-2014-8730 TLS POODLE

At F5 Networks we have seen a good deal of confusion over these two CVEs ever since they appeared late last year. As this is ongoing, we felt it needs to be addressed. The confusion is totally understandable; hopefully this will help. There are... Read more
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Great news!  We have finally been posted to the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Unified Capability (UC) Approved Product List (APL), as an IA Tool.  The certification covers all F5 BIG-IP platforms (VE through Viprion) running... Read more
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Nouveauté n°2 dans TMOS 11.6 : L’estampillage OCSP

Dans la continuité du précèdent article sur les nouveautés autour de SSL/TLS, j’aborde cette fois-ci la fonctionnalité d’estampillage OCSP prise en charge dans la version TMOS 11.6.Petit rappel sur OCSP OCSP (Online... Read more
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DevCentral Top 5: Nov 3, 2014

Make sure you grab a tissue, because you will literally weep when you read the awesome content so prominently and consistently delivered in our community.  And, even if you don't weep uncontrollably, you'll at least work up a couple... Read more
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The Top Ten Hardcore F5 Security Features in BIG-IP 11.6

There are 32 main features in the 11.6 release of the BIG-IP family of products and 29 of those are security features. That’s right; 91% of the features in the 11.6 release are security-related. Many of them are hardcore, infrastructure doodads... Read more
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CVE-2014-6271 Shellshocked

It's a good thing we are naming all of our vulnerabilities now; it's easier to keep track of them. I haven't seen an official designation for CVE-2014-6271, but Shellshock seems appropriate. This new vulnerability may allow a remote... Read more
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16 Reviews

F5 Synthesis: Hybrid to the Core

#SDAS #SDN #Cloud #SSL #HTTP2.0 F5 continues to pave the way for business to adopt disruptive technologies without, well, as much disruption. The term hybrid is somewhat misleading. In the original sense of the word, it means to bring together... Read more
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