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DevCentral Top 5: Feb 25, 2015

The articles on DevCentral have been absolutely fantastic as of late.  Understandably, readers can expect to find great F5-related technical content here at DevCentral, but several industry-relevant pieces are also found in this... Read more
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DevCentral Top 5: Dec 15, 2014

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and it's the most wonderful content on DevCentral.  Our DevCentral authors never disappoint, and this edition of the Top 5 is sure to please again.  Sit back, grab another mug of egg nog,... Read more
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DevCentral Top 5: Nov 3, 2014

Make sure you grab a tissue, because you will literally weep when you read the awesome content so prominently and consistently delivered in our community.  And, even if you don't weep uncontrollably, you'll at least work up a couple... Read more
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DevCentral Top 5: Oct 6, 2014

These past two weeks have proven to be more than eventful with the "shock"ing discovery of a critical bash vulnerability that stole the security headlines for several days.  Times like these might have you repeating the words of the... Read more
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DevCentral Top 5: Sep 22, 2014

Here we are again...that fateful and glorious moment when we get to highlight the "best of the best" articles from DevCentral.  As you know, DevCentral produces more awesome content than any other community out there, so sit back,... Read more
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DevCentral Top 5: Sep 8, 2014

But soft!  What light through yonder window breaks?  It is the east, and this week's edition of the DevCentral Top 5 is the sun.  Yep, you guessed it.  The top 5 is back...but unlike Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, this... Read more
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Top5 07/21/2014

From secrets on how to win at “The Internet of Things” to defending against “ANY” amplification attacks, this Top5 is chalk full of geeky goodness. A little coding, a little security, a little config management and a heaping dose of “Seriously,... Read more
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Top5 06/23/2014

Every day that I get to write a Top5 post feels like an auspicious day, as it is rather one of my favorite things to write, I must admit. This is partly because I get to dig into all the cool stuff that everyone else has been up to and posting... Read more
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Top5 06/09/2014

This week’s edition of the Top5 is packed from stem to stern with geeky goodness. I suppose that’s not much of a surprise, given that it is the Top5 and all. That’s kind of our M.O. ‘round these parts, and most weeks are similarly packed. It is... Read more
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DevCentral Top 5: May 27, 2014

And here we are again...that fateful time when we admire and, yes, celebrate the amazing contributions of our DevCentral authors.  The easy part is writing about all the great content; the hard part is picking just 5 articles to... Read more
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DevCentral Top 5: May 12, 2014

And here we are again...that fateful time of the week where we admire, and yes, celebrate the amazing accomplishments of our DevCentral contributors.  The easy part is writing about all the great content; the hard part is picking just 5... Read more
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Top5 03/19/2014

Come with me, dear reader, on a journey. An odyssey wrought with perils and conquest, valor, victory and venerable voracity. Or, you know, some really cool technology and geeky stuff, at least. This voyage will take you through the twists and... Read more
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Top5 03/04/2014

Whether you were traveling to RSA or elsewhere last week, heads down in a stack of projects a mile high, or just didn’t have the time to dig through the virtual onslaught of information bouncing around … I’ve got your back. There has been an... Read more
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Top5 02/03/2014

I come to you heavily laden with programmatic gifts, software defined goodies and web based subsidies. I know, that last one is weird, right? Subsidies on the web? Oh yes, it’s a thing, trust me. This week the Top5 is packed with tasty goodness... Read more
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Top5 01/06/2014

New year. New calendar. New resolutions and all that. Same ole’ Top5. Here’s hoping that that’s a good thing, though! Ringing in the new year, this Top5 brings you more goodness from DevCentral ranging from some DNS-y fun to the sad story of a... Read more
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Top5 12/16/2013

Many things are afoot in the world of F5, with many feet marching along to a myriad of drummers, and many hands making light work, or so we hope. The cacophony of clichés aside, there’s a heck of a lot being done these days. It’s harder than... Read more
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Top5 10/21/2013

Not only is today’s Top5 educational, as always, but it also veers slightly into a celebratory theme, as well as working on your Latin vocabulary. Surely by now you expect nothing less than such a valuable, multi-faceted offering, no? Sure, there... Read more
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Top5 10/07/2013

Here for you today I have another installation of my overly complex ploy to allow for widespread wordplay amongst a few thousand of my closest friends, otherwise known as “The Top5”. I mean, where else do I get to talk about cool technology while... Read more
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Top5 09/24/2013

The funny thing about funny little human brains, other than, of course, getting around in them, is that they are forever trying to keep up with their surroundings. That can prove a formidable task under the simplest of circumstances. We’re talking... Read more
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Top5 08/30/2013

From making heroes and rock stars, to a complete interface facelift, to throwing up the horns and rocking out (the dude abides, by the way, most certainly), DevCentral has undergone more than a few small changes since the last Top5 hit the waves... Read more
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Top5 06/14/2013

This caffeine fueled, bass driven installment of the Top5 is brought to you by our sponsors at “Wait how do I get that all done?” and associates. Fortunately, if I have to be burning the midnight oil, and let’s face it we all do sometimes, there... Read more
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TechEd2013 – The Top 5 Questions

I review the top 5 questions being asked in booth 816 at #MSTechEd 2013. Azure, NVGRE and TMG all make the list. There is a surprise at #5 but not to those of us in the booth. :-) ps Related: TechEd2013 – Find F5 TechEd2013 – Network... Read more
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My Top 5 iRules Development Practices

I've been writing iRules now for about eight years and have found many ways around success along the way. But I've also learned a few things as well, many of which save me a lot of time and frustration on the bigger and more complex... Read more
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DevCentral Top5 04/26/2013

It doesn’t take The Doctor to decipher that there has been a lot of content coming out on DevCentral the past few weeks. Between the ever present and highly appreciated blogs of our dedicated blog army, the standard flow of media and the up-tick... Read more
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DevCentral Top5 03/14/2013

You know the saying "Nothing can keep us down!"? So about that, as it turns out some things can. Namely a nasty flu followed up by a body rocking infection. It isn't super fun to be basically house bound for a few weeks, but it does... Read more
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