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Dridex BOTnet 220 Campaign

Like many other financial Trojans, the notorious Dridex malware keeps evolving and strengthening its presence in the financial threat landscape. The Dridex campaign attributed to BOTnet #220 is very UK financials focused and tries to accomplish... Read more
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Fear and Loathing ID Theft

Do you avoid stores that have had a credit card breach? You are not alone. About 52% of people avoid merchants who have had a data breach according to a recent Lowcards survey. They surveyed over 400 random consumers to better understand the... Read more
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Are You Closing the Door on Financial Trojans?

Come on, really,  are folks still amazed by the notion that attackers are using  DDoS attacks as a mere distraction from more lucrative malicious activities executed on banks?  Well, according to various reports the answer is yes,... Read more
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Custom Code for Targeted Attacks

Botnets?  Old school.  Spam?  So yesterday.  Phishing?  Don’t even bother…well, on second thought.  Spaghetti hacking like spaghetti marketing, toss it and see what sticks, is giving way to specific development of... Read more
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2010 Year End Security Wrap

Figured I’d write this now since many of you will be celebrating the holidays over the next couple weeks and who really wants to read a blog when you’re reveling with family and friends.  It’s been an interesting year for information... Read more
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Most Human Viruses are obvious.

We spent the US Holiday Thanksgiving at my Mothers’ house some 500 miles away. We love when we get the chance to see her, and there’s always someone else there. This year one of my wonderful nieces was there with husband and baby in tow. And th... Read more
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Turning the Pushdo Bot Into the Push-oh-no-you-don’t Bot

Options to put a stop to the latest mutation of the Pushdo trojan The Pushdo bot is a malevolent little beast that is nothing new to Infosec professionals. What might be new, however, is that it recently changed its code and now creates junk... Read more
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Cybercrime, the Easy Way

The Dummies series is a great collection of ‘How to’ instructions on a wide array of topics and while they have not published a ‘Cybercrime for Dummies®’ booklet (and don’t think they will), DYI Cybercrime Kits are helping drive Internet... Read more
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IE7 Offers Another Reason To Use FireFox

Microsoft announced today, December 16th, that they have verified a vulnerability in Internet Explorer 7 where a malicious exploit is exposed that could infect your computer with malware.Specifically, the AZN trojan, which has been workin... Read more
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VMware View Offline Desktops: The Birth of the VDI Bomb?

About two years ago, I was part of the team at F5 that helped design and build our Technology Center – a fully functioning showcase lab housing  all of our products as well as other infrastructure and application partner technologies such as... Read more
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