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Top-to-Bottom is the New End-to-End

End-to-end is a popular term in marketing circles to describe some feature that acts across an entire “something.” In the case of networking solutions this generally means the feature acts from client to server. For example, end-to-end protocol... Read more
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Two Different Sock(et)s

The importance of a full-proxy architecture to application delivery, security, cloud computing, and virtualization People often describe the act of changing focus from one related but distinct task to another as “wearing two different hats.”... Read more
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The Revolution Begins: Arming the Data Center

You’ve declared your Data Center Independence. You’ve agreed on a basic set of rights. The problem now is ensuring that those rights are upheld and that you can achieve that independence. We’re not innocent bystanders in the data center... Read more
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The Revolution Begins: The IT Bill of Rights

First Amendment Vendors shall make no law respecting an establishment of architecture, or prohibiting the free design thereof; or constraining the flow of data, or of packets; or the right of the administrators easily to configure, and to ensur... Read more
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The Data Center Declaration of Independence

When in the course of deploying applications, it becomes necessary for administrators to dissolve the technical shackles which have connected them to products, and to assume among the powers of IT, the separate and equal station to which... Read more
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What a Tangled Web We Weave

By deploying multiple point solutions when one would suffice I know it doesn't rhyme but honestly, between the number of words that rhyme with "weave" and the meter it was nearly impossible for my sleep deprived brain... Read more
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