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Like Load Balancing WAN Optimization is a Feature of Application Delivery

Convergence, consolidation, and common-sense. When WAN optimization was getting its legs under it as a niche in the broader networking industry it got a little boost from the fact that remote/branch office connectivity was the big focus of... Read more
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The Cloud Computing – Application Acceleration Connection

Like peanut-butter and jelly, cloud computing and application acceleration are just better together. Ann Bednarz of Network World waxes predictive regarding 2010 trends in application delivery and WAN optimization in WAN optimization in 2010.... Read more
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If You Focus on Products You’ll Miss the Cloud

The real power behind cloud is processes, and those don’t come out of a box VMworld, in case you’ve been out of touch, is approaching fairly quickly. As with any trade show/conference there’s likely to be a lot of announcements about this and... Read more
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Forklifts, Rip and Replace, and Other IT Fairy Tales

I was chatting with my mother a couple weeks ago about cloud (she’s a used-to-be programmer turned project manager for a Fortune 500. Don’t look at me like that, I keep telling you it runs in the family) and one of the problems she lamented about... Read more
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BIG-IP v10: Passive Application Monitoring

Enabling the Dynamic Data Center with BIG-IP v10 BIG-IP v10 is a breakthrough in the Application Delivery Networking (ADN) for many reasons, all of which revolve around understanding how applications are delivered outside the data center to... Read more
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BIG-IP v10: Resource Provisioning

Enabling the Dynamic Data Center with BIG-IP v10 As you probably saw this morning, F5 BIG-IP v10 has landed, marking a change in the data center, creating a dynamic, agile IT data center based on Unified Application Data and Delivery Services... Read more
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The Revolution Begins: Arming the Data Center

You’ve declared your Data Center Independence. You’ve agreed on a basic set of rights. The problem now is ensuring that those rights are upheld and that you can achieve that independence. We’re not innocent bystanders in the data center... Read more
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