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What CIOs Can Learn from the Spartans

When your data center is constantly under pressure to address operational risks, try leveraging some ancient wisdom from King Leonidas and William Wallace The Battle of Thermopylae is most often remembered for the valiant stand of the... Read more
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F5 Friday: F5 BIG-IP WOM Puts the Snap(py) in NetApp SnapMirror

Data replication is still an issue for large organizations and as data growth continues, those backup windows are getting longer and longer… With all the hype surrounding cloud computing and dynamic resources on demand for cheap you’d think... Read more
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The IP Address – Identity Disconnect

The advent of virtualization brought about awareness of the need to decouple applications from IP addresses. The same holds true on the client side – perhaps even more so than in the data center. I could quote The Prisoner, but that would be so... Read more
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VM Sprawl is Bad but Network Sprawl is Badder

We worry about VM sprawl but what about device sprawl? Management of a multitude of network-deployed solutions can be as operationally inefficient as managing hundreds of virtual machines, and far more detrimental to the health and performance of... Read more
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Optimize Prime: The Self-Optimizing Application Delivery Network

Infrastructure 2.0 enabled application delivery platforms have more than a few things in common with the Transformers. Like Autobots, there’s more to it than meets the eye. If you’re familiar with the mythology of the Transformers – and perhaps... Read more
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Whenever keys, certificates, and PKI enter into a security solution’s architecture the solution almost always becomes overly complex. DNSSEC is no exception, but it doesn’t have to be. DNS plays a role in every application on the Internet. It is... Read more
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Log Files Do Not Improve Security

Logs are for auditing, accountability, and tracking down offenders – not for providing real-time security A new law signed into effect in February 2009 requires that health care providers and organizations subject to HIPAA notify affected... Read more
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The End of DNS As We Know It

DNS wasn’t meant to handle hybrid cloud architectures and on-demand routing When you start distributing services (workloads, applications) across multiple locations, a la cloud balancing, and those locations may change on a frequent basis you... Read more
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WILS: Cloud Changes How But Not What

Cloud changes how we deliver applications but we’re still delivering applications With all the hype around cloud it’s easy to get caught up in deployment models and architectures and how much money it is/is not going to save us and, of course,... Read more
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Scalability Only One Half the Reliability Equation

Without availability scalability is irrelevant I really enjoyed Jeff Atwood’s recent blog on Scaling Up vs Scaling Out, which includes a fairly detailed comparison of the costs associated with each approach to scalability. I enjoyed it because... Read more
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Getting Around That Pesky Speed of Light Limitation

Can intercloud intelligence eliminate the impact of intercontinental latency? Ken has always posited that it would be not only kewl but highly efficient if your data center could “follow the sun.” We all know that application performance is... Read more
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Forklifts, Rip and Replace, and Other IT Fairy Tales

I was chatting with my mother a couple weeks ago about cloud (she’s a used-to-be programmer turned project manager for a Fortune 500. Don’t look at me like that, I keep telling you it runs in the family) and one of the problems she lamented about... Read more
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Virtual Reality

You can’t afford not to invest in technologies that leverage virtualization to improve data center efficiency There’s an old adage that says you have to spend money to make money. In the data center these days this is more true than ever. You... Read more
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BIG-IP v10: Passive Application Monitoring

Enabling the Dynamic Data Center with BIG-IP v10 BIG-IP v10 is a breakthrough in the Application Delivery Networking (ADN) for many reasons, all of which revolve around understanding how applications are delivered outside the data center to... Read more
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BIG-IP v10: Resource Provisioning

Enabling the Dynamic Data Center with BIG-IP v10 As you probably saw this morning, F5 BIG-IP v10 has landed, marking a change in the data center, creating a dynamic, agile IT data center based on Unified Application Data and Delivery Services... Read more
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The Revolution Begins: Arming the Data Center

You’ve declared your Data Center Independence. You’ve agreed on a basic set of rights. The problem now is ensuring that those rights are upheld and that you can achieve that independence. We’re not innocent bystanders in the data center... Read more
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