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Cloud Computing Making Waves

Every once in a while, I’ll do a news search for ‘cloud computing.’  Yesterday was one of those days and while there are always a few stories about ‘the cloud,’ I was somewhat amazed by the number and range of topics that appeared. ... Read more
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Has The Sky Cleared on Cloud Security?

Last year I embarked on a blog series, lead by my trusty advisor CloudFucius, that evolved into an exploration of the numerous cloud computing surveys, reports, statistics and other feelings about the technology.  At the time, 4-5 surveys a... Read more
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When Planning Disaster Recovery, Don’t Forget the Small Stuff

As solid and reliable as fishtanks and rifles are, they share a common weakness. The tiniest crack in either will eventually destroy the entire product. Why did I choose “fishtanks and rifles”? Lori and I’s hobbies include those two items, bu... Read more
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With Clouds Everywhere, It Is Bound to Rain

I was pondering the weather in Northeast Wisconsin this morning, it’s gloomy and oppressively hot. Between heat and humidity, I’d say it felt more like the US’s Pacific Northwest than the Midwest. And it’s been that  way all summer. We’ve... Read more
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CloudFucius Counts: Cloud Outages

Well, maybe CloudFucius doesn’t but a couple websites do.  Matching the same uptime guarantees that you have with your physical infrastructure can be hard to accomplish.  While some companies, mostly smaller enterprises, have put al... Read more
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If you aren’t asking “what if” now you’ll be asking “why me” later

One of the negatives of providing a solution is that it necessarily assumes there is a problem. That’s actually a fair assumption in the technology world, as problems seem to abound with no end in sight. What it also does, unfortunately, is lead... Read more
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Damned if you do, damned if you don't

There has been much fervor around the outages of cloud computing providers of late, which seems to be leading to an increased and perhaps unwarranted emphasis on SLAs the likes of which we haven't seen since...well, the last time the IT saw... Read more
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